Jul 15, 2013

Hello Monday

This photo was taken by my lovely friend Morgan. She took quite a few engagement shots for us back in May, I will post them soon- I hope! This one is going out with the invitations:)

Hello to still feeling giddy and so loved after my wonderful bridal shower yesterday (post coming soon!)

Hello to extremely hot temperatures this week (but so far no humidity- yay!)

Hello to spending lot's of time playing in the shade and at the wading pool (at work:)

Hello to buying new wedding invitations- our old DIY ones got ruined when they stuck together and the paint peeled off, boo!

Hello to an upcoming weekend getaway in Montreal to celebrate our friend Casey's birthday!

Hello to planning to watch "The Hunger Games" outside at Westboro Beach Friday night- hooray for "Movies after dark"!

And finally, hello to getting our apartment clean and organized (for now).

Hello Monday- I'm looking forward to a new week, but still missing the weekend a little bit- it was a good one!

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    1. Thank you:) It's one of my favourites from some engagement photos my friend took- which I need to post soon!


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