Jul 9, 2013

Canada Day 2013

Little behind here, and I know I said I would catch up on June first- and I will, but this is where I want to start. (Warning, picture overload to follow!)

So Canada Day was last Monday, July 1st. I have to say that at first, I really did not want to do much of anything that day. As I've mentioned before we have had pretty packed schedules over here the last couple of months, so I was happy to take my day off and spend it at home. However, I was eventually persuaded to go out and had a great time! Ben and I spent the morning in down town Ottawa with my cousin and sister. We walked through the market over to Parliament Hill. Along the way we watched a few street performances and snagged some chip wagon food. It was nice, and I'm very glad we made it a quick visit, because it was so hot and I cannot stand how crowded down town gets on Canada Day.

This photo taken by my cousin Meaghan.

This photo taken by my cousin Meaghan.

After a couple of hours of that (and just before my crowd rage got too strong...) we boarded a double decker bus to Kanata to enjoy the fair. We met up with our friend Eveline on the way, and then got to meet up with Morgan and Dan and their family also! We had so much fun.

Oh, and I also got to ride the carousel for the first time! (Yes, I am 26 and had never ridden a carousel until that day)

Having some quality time with Paul and Jill was really great:)

This photo taken by my lovely friend Morgan.

After watching Paul go on several rides Ben and I went on the Ferris wheel. In years past I have loved them (and there's always that scene from "The Notebook" that romanticizes them). That was not the case this year. As I've gotten older my fear of heights has increased. I cannot say that I cared for those moments on the Ferris Wheel where it would stop to let people off- and we were left at the top. Particularly since the seat has a tendency to swing back and forth. Oh and in this case my back was not properly supported. I was clinging to the bar for dear life. All the while Ben laughed- thanks Ben!

These last two gems came from Ben's phone (taken by my sister). Oh my goodness they are my favourite!

Once that was over- and I vowed to never go on a damn Ferris Wheel again, my brother Taylor met up with us and we went across the street for dinner at Swiss Chalet. The food was amazing and it was fun to hang out as a group (sadly Morgan, Dan and the kids had to go).

Ben and I went home after that because we were tired (and realizing how old we were that we didn't want to stay out for the 10pm fireworks!) Fortunately, I was lucky enough to view them from my window while cozy in bed in my pyjamas. With my fiancé by my side. Definitely a good day. I'm glad that I did not miss out by staying home.

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