Oct 14, 2012

Life Lately Through My Phone

Just some pictures from my phone serving as a mini update- I'm really into documenting the little thing's lately:)

Well this ones an oldie- but I never posted pictures from Brittany's wedding-and this happens to be one of my favourites of the two of us from that night, we had a great time!

 Catching the sunrise is one of my favourite thing's lately- and it sure doesn't disappoint!

 Fall has certainly arrived, and my walk to and from work just got prettier:)

 Hearts in my hot chocolate make me happy

 Seriously cannot stop reading this blog

I had started this journal when I got my first nanny job in 2009, right after I graduated from University. I found it recently and realized that I need to start using it again!

Not gonna lie-most nights this past couple weeks I've been on the couch :s

My photographer guy- Thanksgiving weekend

Such beauty-I like leaves:)

Couple shadows after getting some Starbucks, a favourite date activity.

Scenes from our trip to Gatineau-it was really cold and rained a couple times, but we still loved it!

I love willow trees, and going for walks with Ben.


It was so windy that the leaves were falling off the trees in bunches, it was fun to watch.

Date outfit:) Jacket: Suzy Sheir Top: Banana Republic Amethyst Necklace: Gift from my sister. (I obviously didn't keep up with "What I Wore Wednesday" after my first post, but I still do take outfit pictures from time to time:)

Made two apple crisps for Thanksgiving dinner last weekend-seriously one of my favourite fall desserts, and my Mom's recipe is the best!

Thanksgiving dinner outfit- Dress: Suzy Sheir Jacket: R.W. & Co.  Belt: Forever 21 Necklace: Lisa Leonard Designs.

Made our bed last weekend- it rarely gets made, but looks so nice when it does.

Scenes from Thanksgiving Dinner at my parent's house. The decor was so cute! This was probably our last Thanksgiving at this house- they're downsizing to a condo next year. A little sad:(

Went to a wedding reception for Ben's cousin Friday night, was fun to get all dressed up! Dress: American Eagle Outfitters Jacket: Suzy Sheir Earrings: Claires Pearl Necklace: My grandmothers.

Our dates from this weekend- Breakfast at Mello's Diner yesterday and lunch at Newport Restaurant today. Going out for breakfast has become a new Saturday morning tradition and I love it. Getting lunch today was an extra treat:) I love our life together. 

Also my first time trying fried ravioli- amazing!

I would have more pictures but a couple weeks ago, my Iphone died. Just like that. Since I hadn't backed up my pictures since the end of June I lost everything from July forward:( I'm very attached to pictures so that was a huge bummer for me. Lesson learned- now I back up my phone once a week. 

Still on a fall high as you can see- and trying to make the most of it. Despite having a rough week emotionally, there's been so much to enjoy. It's been really great to slow down lately after such a busy summer and I've been finding so much creative inspiration everyday. Hope to keep at this at least once a week- a new goal of mine:)

Oct 2, 2012

Dear Fall

               Image taken from Pinterest

Dear Fall, I love you a lot. 
I get excited for your arrival every year, and here are the reasons why :

Leaves changing colour

Crisp air

Apple Picking and fresh apple sauce

Comfy sweaters, boots, and scarves wearing weather

Apple crisp and pie baking

Caramel apples

Hot chocolate

Pumpkin spice anything

Decorating with fall colours- reds, greens, yellows, oranges

Halloween candy

Fall crafts with the kiddos

New beginnings

Curling up with a good book on a chilly night

Making a new soup every week

Our annual trek to the Gatineau Hills to take pictures just after the leaves change colour


Pumpkin patches

Remembering when we met

Christmas is coming :)

My whole attitude changes come fall. There's so much more excitement in the air, and Thanksgiving and Christmas have got to be my top two favourite holidays. I cannot stop thinking of crafts I want to do, (both with the kids and for myself), what new recipes I want to try, and I have a crazy obsession with boots right now (granted I only own one pair, so I think that's ok!). I've already ordered this cowl in cranberry red and cannot wait for it to arrive!

Ben and I will be making that trip to Gatineau this Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to it! It's a really beautiful hiking spot full of hills and trees, and it's stunning in the fall. We make sure that the trip is part of our special dates every year, and I love that. For the record, we met seven years ago in late September at University, isn't that crazy? We'll celebrate our seventh anniversary in March:)

I feel like this will be a really good season in our lives. I hope that I don't forget to document all the little thing's, because they are becoming more important to me as the years pass. The big thing's? I've got that covered;)