Jul 15, 2013

Wedding Update

Note: I wrote this last Wednesday and forgot to post- which is why some of the dates might not make sense ie. my wedding shower already happened. I wanted to keep this the way it was written.

My wedding day is coming up fast! We chose Sunday, September 29th as our date. ( I always wanted a fall wedding.)

Everything has been falling into place since that decision.

Our closest friends and siblings are in our wedding party. The bridesmaids dresses were chosen and purchased within four days of us getting engaged! We found a gorgeous venue in early May and had booked it near the end of the month.We chose the food, I'm DIY-ing the decor, my bouquets will be composed of mainly babies breath mixed with flowers from my Mother's garden. We also asked my friend Morgan's Dad (and my former pastor) to officiate our ceremony and he
happily agreed. This meant a lot to us as I have known him for a long time (since I was 12!) and he has gotten to know Ben and I as a couple over the years. Really awesome in my opinion. Morgan's children Paul and Jill will also be our ring bearer and flower girl- a no-brainer, we love those kids! All of this came together in May.

June was a combination of making large and small things happen. Ben's uncle generously offered us his services as our DJ. My cousin Meaghan (who thankfully arrived back in Ottawa from London at the beginning of June!) is making our cake. Ben and I bought our rings. My Mom and I bought a pattern for my dress and we found some gorgeous lace for it a few weeks ago!

 She has been working on the dress since and I am so excited to see it come together. And to wear it :)
We also figured out what we will be giving to our groomsmen/bridesmaids as a thank you.

All of this is amazing. I have to say though, the hugest help to me was the night a few of my bridesmaids and cousin Meaghan helped me with the invitations. We were able to use a large office at my friends work (and their paper cutter which was fantastic). I had found this idea on
Pinterest and wanted to re-create it for my wedding using different shades of blue. (Our colours are Teal and Silver.) So while listening to music and sharing a lot of girl talk, we spent the night cutting and painting around 70 invitations! I love how they turned out. HUGE thank you to Laura, Meaghan, Brittany and Jessica for helping me!! (The invitations have been the most daunting wedding task, for me.)

 Laura and I.

That pretty much catches us up until now! I am getting  the invitations ready to be mailed out (organizing addresses is daunting task #2), and anticipating my first bridal shower this Sunday! My Mom and sister (and maid of honour) are throwing me two separate showers with different groups of people- so fun! Laura's is black and white themed (my favourite!) and I found a gorgeous dress to wear last Thursday. Still in a haze of utter disbelief that this is really happening.

I am feeling good about how thing's are progressing. So far neither of us have felt too stressed out about this wedding.Though we did learn (like so many who have been married before us), that EVERYONE has and will give you their opinion about it. Doesn't bother me anymore. Ben and I have known what we wanted for this day for a long time (hence all the quick decision making- having a short engagement helps with that too.) What matters most to both of us is saying our
vows to each other and getting married (followed by having great photos- Rachael, and good food- Ben). The rest will surely be amazing and fun, but not the end of the world if something goes wrong.

I will try to keep updating as the summer progresses.

I. am. loving. this.

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