May 17, 2011


It's going to be a week of rain, so I'm looking for some inspiration today. This weather makes me want to stay in comfy clothes and read a book, which isn't a bad thing...but not very productive!
I've got a list of random thing's that I want to accomplish right now, and I figure posting them might help with the motivation.

Here goes:

1.Trying out new recipes, especially healthy ones for summer!

2. Using our balcony more, and putting up some decorations out there like paper lanterns and candles.

3. Getting out more to take pictures, I still have so much to learn about my camera.

4. Scrap booking (I love it, gets my creative energy flowing, I'm actually working on one right now).

5. Getting the clutter out of the apartment (either putting thing's in storage or just getting boxes to organize them in will go a long way!)

6. Biking to work. (This is a big one, I've said I'm going to start doing it for over a month now, I need to motivate myself!!)

7. More date nights- doesn't have to be expensive, just getting out more would be great!

8. Planning my summer vacations-Alberta, Nova Scotia and possibly one more trip are in the works, so excited!!

9. Signing up for dance classes (I took Jazz 2 years ago and absolutely LOVED it! Dance doesn't feel like boring exercise to me!)

10. Learn something new- maybe an instrument or how to use a sewing machine or a new language, or all 3! Not having school anymore makes me feel lazy, I'd like to have some new skills!

That's my list for now, accomplishing any of these tasks will get rid of the "just going through the motions" feeling I have right now. At least I can cross one thing off tonight, going to the movies for date night!