Dec 1, 2011


Here's another one, just for the heck of it!

Obsessing over: Peppermint hot chocolate, Christmas crafts, tall boots, Coach bags, Christmas music, Pinterest, comfy pyjamas.

Working on: Christmas crafts, keeping my apartment clean, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, going out more.

Thinking about: Taking more pictures, baking, plans for the holidays, snow, life.

Anticipating: Giving gifts on Christmas morning, date nights, girls nights, new projects, the holidays.

Listening to: Christmas music on the radio :)

Drinking: Hot chocolate.

Wishing: For all the cleaning to be done already, for a healthier lifestyle, for snow, to read a book in front of the fire, to try new things, to give more.

I am (blank) because...

*Got this idea from Little Miss Momma (love her blog!)

I am weird because...

I hate the taste of butter

I am afraid of walking over sewer grates

If there are a bunch of different foods on my plate, I always eat each one individually instead of all together. (I get made fun of for that one)

I have a really hard time letting go, whether it's an item of clothing that I don't really wear or a relationship that wasn't working, it's not easy for me.

I usually start counting down to Christmas in September :)

I am a bad friend because...

Sometimes I'm too tired to go out

My feeling get hurt easily

I am terrible at confrontation, I hate it.

I am a good friend because...

I would do anything for my friends

I am loyal

I try really hard to keep in touch

I think having friends is one of life's greatest blessings

I am sad because...

I don't know how to be patient

I hate being in debt

I'm not as healthy as I'd like to be

There are some people in my life who are truly struggling

I am happy because...

Christmas is coming

I feel very inspired creatively

My job brings me joy

I have a wonderful guy to come home to

I am excited for...

Our Europe trip next summer


The first good snowfall (any day now please?!)

Spending my Christmas holiday with my family

More date nights!

Nov 7, 2011

Hello Monday

Hello beautiful sunny weather

Hello daylight savings time and an extra hour of sleep :)

Hello lot's of play time outside

Hello lot's of DIY projects for this week (let's see if I actually get them done!)

Hello feeling sick despite a restful weekend

Hello Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate and pumpkin cream cheese muffin to make me feel better

Hello several loads of laundry to get through tonight

Hello feeling the need for a nap!

Hello making Christmas plans already :)

Hello Monday, I'm hoping for a quiet week!

I'm linking this post back to Lisa Leonard, where you can check out her Hello Monday post, I think it's a cute idea!

Nov 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Fall

This past week has been sunny and I like it! November has begun and I guess I shouldn't be surprised- but when I walked into Starbucks this morning for my usual hot chocolate, it was already decked out in Christmas decorations! I was only too happy to change my order to a peppermint hot chocolate:) Yes, I know that Starbucks has the peppermint syrup year round, but I only order it between November and January, to keep it special. That first sip on my way to work was truly delicious!

Now I'm normally the girl who starts her Christmas countdown in October- much to the amusement of those around me, but this year I forgot. Partly because I really wanted to embrace and enjoy fall- the leaves changing, pumpkin patches, caramel apples etc- and partly because I just got too busy to really pay attention. So for the first time in years, people are talking Christmas long before me, it snuck up on me! Now, for some it might still be too early, and that's fine, but I plan on gushing about Christmas from now until December 25th! I saw even saw this fantastic idea for a DIY Advent Calendar the other day that I might have to try, at least my own version of it.

Funnily enough, we actually pulled all of our Christmas stuff out of storage weeks ago. Since we live in an apartment, it's tough to get into our storage room since we work during office hours, so we figured we had better grab everything when we could! Since Ben isn't quite as enthusiastic about decorating as I am, I'll wait a few weeks before doing anything, but I'm looking forward to it! I've got so many ideas for Christmas gifts and decorations this year, most of which will require some time and effort, so I hope I'm disciplined enough to get it done.

That's been a struggle for me for awhile now, being disciplined. I've written about it before, but my nights often consist of dinner in front of the TV....maybe catching up on a blog or two, more TV, then bed. Not that relaxing and doing nothing is bad once in awhile, but I know I do it too much. On the weekends it tends to be a different story, because I have more time to myself, but I want to be productive during the week too. It will probably take baby steps, but I'm hoping to make a few changes this week, I'll update if it works!

I think tonight is going to call for some cleaning, reading and picture I nibble on Halloween candy. I still plan on enjoying a few more thing's about fall, maybe that makes me greedy, but I can deal :)

Oct 21, 2011

Rainy Day Rant

This week just. felt. long!

After a couple nights of insomnia coupled with day after day of some serious rain that kept the kids and I indoors, I am ready for the weekend, and lot's of rest!

Most people go on about how much they love rain, and some might think it's romantic to get caught in the rain, but I sure don't! I HATE being cold and wet,it makes me grumpy. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to the rain at night as I'm about to fall asleep, because at that point it's not going to interfere with my day. Also, if the week has been really busy, I might welcome a rainy day for the quiet indoor time that it brings. But day after day of rain? No thank you! (End rant)

So to pick up my spirits a little bit on this sixth rainy day of the past two weeks, here's a list of a few thing's that are making me happy right now:

1. My early morning Starbucks run for hot chocolate
2. Hugs from the kids-any time of day!
3. Having someone to come home to
4. Going through old photos
5. Skinny jeans (only recently embraced them, and I now realize I was missing out!)
6. Some crafts I'm hoping to tackle this weekend
7. The double chocolate cupcakes a friend and I whipped up last night 8pm.
8. This necklace (I wear a Lisa Leonard piece almost every day!)

As I am finishing up this post the rain has started to land in sheets. All I can say is that I am now looking forward to a quiet night in, and maybe I'll listen to the rain a little.

Oct 14, 2011

Random Facts About Me

Every day I sign on to Blogger with the intention of posting, and every day I get so distracted by all the other blogs on my news feed (amazing, inspiring, and frankly more interesting) that, of course, months go by between my posts.

To be honest I don't even expect that this blog will ever be anything special to anyone but me, but I do see all these creative posts that other's are putting out day after day and think, why not participate?

And so until I get organized enough to post photos, which are on my home computer, today I'm just going to post a few silly facts about me. :)

48 Random Facts About Me:

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:20 am
2. How do you like your steak? Medium rare
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? 50/50- Excellent movie!
4. What is your favourite TV show? How I Met Your Mother
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Near the ocean
6. What did you have for breakfast? Pumpkin cream cheese muffin and hot chocolate
7. What is your favorite food? Margherita pizza, or any kind of pasta dish!
8. Foods you dislike? Peas, relish, coleslaw, anything involving soggy bread (ugh!)
9. Favourite place to eat? Jack Astor's, for now.
10. Favourite dressing? Greek Feta
11. What kind of vehicle do you drive? I don't, I should
12. What are your favourite clothes? Skinny Jeans, sun dresses, coats
13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Italy, Ireland, Greece, France, England, Switzerland (basically all over Europe)
14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? 1/2 full now, I used to be the other way
15. Where would you want to retire? At a beautiful house by the ocean
16. Favourite time of day? Sunset
17. Where were you born? Medicine Hat, Alberta.
18. What is your favourite sport to watch? I don't really watch sports, but I grew up with hockey, so I'll tune in. When it's time for the Olympics however, I'm all in!
19. What is your favourite fragrance? Tommy Girl when I was a teenager, lately it's Ralph Lauren Romance.
20. What is your favourite face cream? The Body Shop Vitamin E cream
21. Favourite baby/kids products? Baby blankets and shoes!
22. People watcher? Yes, especially at coffee shops
23. Are you a morning or night person? Late morning/early afternoon, just to be difficult!
24. Do you have any pets? Jewel (cat) Gilmore (Turtle), plus Nibbles (cat) and Muffy (dog) that I had to leave with my parents, can't have all those pets in an apartment!
25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? Planning a Europe trip next summer!
26. What did you want to be when you were little? A princess and a Mom.
27. What is your favourite memory? My first year with Ben
28. Are you a cat or dog person? Both
29. Are you married? No
30. Always wear your seat belt? Yes
31. Been in a car accident? Twice
32. Any pet peeves? People talking with their mouths open, rolling your eyes, talking loudly during movies at the theatre
33. Favourite pizza toppings? Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil
34. Favourite flower? Orchids and Gerber Daisies
35. Favourite ice cream? Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia
36. Favourite fast food restaurant? Wendy's
37. How many times did you fail your driver's test? None
38. From whom did you get your last email? Does Etsy count?
39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Anthropologie, Banana Republic, or Forever 21!
40. Do anything spontaneous lately? When you're a nanny, you do a lot of spontaneous thing's with little ones!
41. Like your job? Love it :)
42. Broccoli? Steamed
43. What was your favourite vacation? Any trip to Nova Scotia or NYC
44. Last person you went out to dinner with? Ben and my family
45. What are you listening to right now? The thunderstorm outside
46. What is your favourite color? Teal
47. How many tattoos do you have? None
48. Coffee drinker? Just quit, my body can't handle it any more, but I miss it.

I haven't filled out a questionnaire like this since high school, when I'd be bored in the library. Silly, but fun!

Aug 20, 2011

Loving the Weekend

Having a pretty ideal weekend so far!

Last night my sister and I went out to dinner at Jack Astors (loooove their garlic bread), then to see the new Glee movie (yes...I'm a fan, I loved it!)

Despite waking up with a killer headache, (reasons unknown), and sleeping in until noon, we have spent the afternoon so far at Chapters with drinks and yummy treats from Starbucks while enjoying a good book. Came home with a new book and the latest In Style magazine and am now enjoying a glass of lemonade while watching Gilmore Girls and flipping though the latest fall fashions. Ben and my sister went out to get me my favourite salad from Wendy's (I'm being spoiled this weekend) and then Laura and I are going to yet another movie tonight, this time The Help, (reaaally looking forward to that one!)

Not a very interesting post, but wanted to note how grateful I am to have fun weekend like this filled with simple treats and good company!

May 17, 2011


It's going to be a week of rain, so I'm looking for some inspiration today. This weather makes me want to stay in comfy clothes and read a book, which isn't a bad thing...but not very productive!
I've got a list of random thing's that I want to accomplish right now, and I figure posting them might help with the motivation.

Here goes:

1.Trying out new recipes, especially healthy ones for summer!

2. Using our balcony more, and putting up some decorations out there like paper lanterns and candles.

3. Getting out more to take pictures, I still have so much to learn about my camera.

4. Scrap booking (I love it, gets my creative energy flowing, I'm actually working on one right now).

5. Getting the clutter out of the apartment (either putting thing's in storage or just getting boxes to organize them in will go a long way!)

6. Biking to work. (This is a big one, I've said I'm going to start doing it for over a month now, I need to motivate myself!!)

7. More date nights- doesn't have to be expensive, just getting out more would be great!

8. Planning my summer vacations-Alberta, Nova Scotia and possibly one more trip are in the works, so excited!!

9. Signing up for dance classes (I took Jazz 2 years ago and absolutely LOVED it! Dance doesn't feel like boring exercise to me!)

10. Learn something new- maybe an instrument or how to use a sewing machine or a new language, or all 3! Not having school anymore makes me feel lazy, I'd like to have some new skills!

That's my list for now, accomplishing any of these tasks will get rid of the "just going through the motions" feeling I have right now. At least I can cross one thing off tonight, going to the movies for date night!

Mar 2, 2011

A Few Thoughts for the Day

Today I'm just going to ramble, thoughts are so mixed up and jumbled in my head right now that I can't seem to come up with one single thing to write about today. As a result, a mixed up and jumbled post- bear with me:

First of all, I am so happy to be done with winter and moving into spring. Though Ottawa certainly isn't showing it, (thanks for the snowstorm on Monday!), I know spring is around the corner, and March is one of my favourite months! Could have something to do with the fact that it's my birthday next week...but also it just feels like I'm over the hump (these past few months have felt very 'blah' to me). I'm looking forward to riding my bike again, going for walks on the beach near my apartment, spending the morning at the park, picnics outdoors, and not having to put on so many layers to go outside! Even just waking up these past couple of mornings to find sunlight streaming through my window has gotten me excited, (it's such a drag to get up for work in the dark!) I love Canada, and I love snow but mostly just for December...then I'm done with it!

What's really been bugging me the past little while is my disorganization, and exhaustion every night when I arrive home. I'm generally a person who likes to keep on top of thing's, and I don't tend to like to spend every night home on the couch watching TV, but that's what I've been doing for months! So obviously if I'm tired every night, I don't stay on top of thing's like the every expanding pile of laundry, the dishes in the sink and the painting I've been meaning to finish since January! I know a lot of this is due to my lack of exercise, I'd probably have more energy if I were exercising regularly...but again see previous statement about collapsing on the couch every night. I think one of these night I'm just going to have to power through it and get thing's done, and the exercise might come easier once we lose some snow!

I can't even begin to express how much I'm looking forward to this weekend though! Friday means payday (yay!) and this weekend is what I call "Birthday Weekend". Saturday night were having friends over for a potluck, and Sunday I'm spending the day with my family. Cake and presents aside, (though I love both!) I'm just really looking forward to being around the people I love. I find getting people together easier to manage for birthday's than Christmas because often many of them will have other plans. I'm a people person, I don't get much joy out of being solitary. When something tragic happens, I want to be surrounded, when something great happens, I'm already thinking of all the people I need to tell. So again, to say I'm excited for this weekend is an understatement!

That's all for now, just a few thoughts. Tonight I am leaving the apartment to go see a movie...technically I'm still sitting there watching something, but at least I'm getting out!

Feb 25, 2011


I don't want to forget.

Today is the second anniversary of my grandmother's death, and I have one thought-I don't want to forget her.

Last year I wanted to write something in honour of her, but I was still grieving and couldn't even talk about it without crying, let alone put my thoughts out there for anyone to read. I made it to her grave on the anniversary of her death and that was about all I could do, because it still felt so fresh. She died of breast cancer, and it was quick...she left us 2 months after her diagnosis (a late diagnosis I am sure), but those two months were so horrible that all I wanted after that was to forget everything.

My grandmother (or Nana as we affectionately called her) lived with my family for 13 years, so she was my second Mom. When I was younger (before she lived with us) I used to go to her house for sleepovers, and we would walk down Bank Street to Miss Tiggy Winkles, where she would buy me a new box of 60 Crayola crayons and a coloring book of my choice (usually Barbie or Disney Princesses). She always had Werther's Original candies in her purse, loved ice cream and referred to the basement as the cellar. She also loved to tell stories about her life, and I can remember almost all of them, because she told them often. She was loved by everyone, even my friends would stick around to chat with her, and she would light up at having a new audience.
She never interfered with my parents when they had to discipline us....except the odd time when she would be trying to stifle a laugh and eventually say "I'm just glad it's not me anymore!" Growing up I would come home from school and go to her room first to watch tv, she loved the company and I loved having someone to talk to during commercials. Sometimes Nana would come downstairs looking for someone to watch tv with her, but try to make it subtle by saying "Oh. I'm just going to make myself some tea if you want to check what's on tv". She also had a very special bond with our family dog Muffy. Muffy was actually my dog, but during the day when I went to school, she would go up to Nana's room and hang out with her all day. As a result Muffy developed a few bad habits, such as barking at the bathtub until you turned the tap on so she could drink out of it, only eating her food if it was taken out of her bowl and placed on the floor and thinking the left side of any chair was hers. But we let these thing's go on, because she was great company for Nana, and if Nana wanted to do those thing's for the dog that was fine. It got to the point that wherever Nana went, Muffy did too. Even on her death bed there was Muffy, looking sad, but still keeping Nana company.

I can still remember the last conversation I had with my Nana (before a series of strokes took away her ability to recognize me, let alone hold a conversation). Nana loved Ben, he came over a lot and would have long chats with her and she just thought he was just wonderful. One day we were sitting on the couch and I think I was showing her some pictures, and suddenly she turned to me and said "Are you and Ben still doing ok?" I told her of course, and she said "Good, I want to make sure you're taken care of ". That comment came out of nowhere for me, but it didn't surprise me, there she was, aware of her diagnosis, knowing she was going to die, and her concern was for her family, that we would be ok. I know she thought of Ben as family at that point, for her to say something like that, and I am so grateful for those words.

Even though I will always love and miss her, it's not as painful to remember her anymore. There is so much more that I could share about her here, in fact I don't think I've quite done her justice, but I'm glad that I can think of her today and smile. You were an amazing grandmother Nana, I will never forget you.

Feb 24, 2011

Trying to Find the Words

Oh this is not a good week. I usually try to come on here and write about positive things, but today I'm saying to hell with that, at least for now.

I've caught this cold that's going around from the little ones I care for, so most days I'm exhausted and losing my voice and all I want is a blanket, chicken noodle soup, a hot bath and hot chocolate (not necessarily in that order). Money has also been really tight lately, which is a constant source of stress and normally when I'm stressed I either eat (I should specify that it's usually junk food) or I shop...which I can't do, so instead I'm just eating and wishing I could shop.
This whole winter thing is also driving me crazy right now. Yes, I live in Canada and I should be used to it, but when you care for little ones and can't get outside very much due to unpredictable sucks!! I'm longing for spring and summer so much right now, I seriously can't wait.

But those complaints are small, compared to what's really bothering me. I have a good friend that's going through a really hard time, and I can't be there for her. I'm frustrated because I don't know what to say, instead I wish I could just drop everything and show up at her door with a hug, some candy and a good movie. Why is it that when something awful happens (a time when people need words of comfort the most) we struggle to find the right words? Or we worry that we aren't doing enough, or maybe that were doing too much and should just back off. And yet, it's not about us, it's about the person that's hurting and as I'm writing this, I hope she knows that I would be there as fast as I could if she needed me.

There are times when everything aligns just right and life is going smoothly, and then there are times like these, when I don't understand life at all.

Feb 8, 2011

What I LOVE This Week

I promised myself that I would pay attention to my blog this year and, you know, actually start blogging! This year, more than ever, I need inspiration. My only resolution was to become more creative this year, whether it's painting, taking pictures, cooking...whatever, and this blog is going to be another creative outlet for me. Since I've found myself coming down with a serious case of the winter blues this past month, today I'm going to focus on the good things. So here goes!


1. Being curled up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate watching "Julie and Julia" for the 1000000000th time! (Loving even more that it was my boyfriend's suggestion, and that he's watched it with me at least 6 times)

2. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's in February- Only found out this year that you can order a peppermint mocha year round, not just at Christmas time. They always have peppermint syrup, they always have mocha they will continue to make me happy until the summer time (when Java chip frappucino's take their place).

3. My new bangs- Went back to full bangs this year (straight across my forehead), already received numerous compliments!

4. Awesome dollar store finds- Went in looking for a few Valentines decorations, left with some great scrap booking supplies, prints for the bedroom and more! As for the aforementioned Valentines decorations, LOVE!

5. That Valentines Day, my birthday and our anniversary are coming up in the next month...lot's to look forward to!

6. My home life- I often come home from work exhausted, but I've got someone wonderful waiting for me in a warm apartment that we decorated together...seriously why do I ever complain?

7. The gold letters that spell "Joy" sitting on top of our entertainment unit- They actually go with the Christmas decorations, but I left them up there as a reminder, and it does work!

8. Being a nanny- Ok, there are negative aspects to every job, but I get smiles and hugs everyday from little ones, enough said.

9. Discovering new music- To be honest, I don't do much of the discovering, but I benefit from Ben's discoveries, and that works for me! ("Face of the Earth" by Joel Plaskett is a new favorite)

10. Jewelry- It's more of an obsession, I've got such a long wish list. Right now anything by Lisa Leonard would make me so happy!

When I set out to make this list, I got to about #5 fairly easily, then had to stop and think for the rest. But I think that's a good exercise to practice once in awhile, intentionally searching out the good thing's in your life. Now I'm off to bed, feeling content.