Nov 10, 2012

Goodbye Fall

It's been kind of a strange season for me lately. I've had some health issues for the past couple months (could be allergies?) that have left me with little to no energy, (especially during the work week), so I'm very behind on blogging. Even though it's been tough at times, I've still been able to get out there and embrace Fall!

We've had a glorious fall this year- the temperatures stayed fairly warm, the leaves were gorgeous and lasted the whole month of October and we had plenty of sun. Now when I say warm, I mean warm enough to be perfectly comfortable in boots, scarves and light jackets-my favourite! 

I recently purchased this cowl from Melody in the perfect shade of cranberry red and wear it all the time! And my new mama bird's necklace? (also from her shop), IN LOVE! (The two pearls represent Ben and I, for now:)

So while I didn't go out/craft/bake as much as I had originally planned to this fall, the walk to work lined with trees and leaves changing colour, pumpkin spice and hot chocolate, warm blankets, candles, scarves and boots made up for it:)


We did make it to Gatineau Hill for our annual fall pictures (I shared a couple in my last post). We went with friends this time and it poured rain all day! We did manage to snap some pictures during a couple of sunny breaks though. It was a lot of fun, and ended with hot chocolate.

   Oh, how I love him.

   This leaf legitimately landed on my forehead:)


I've posted a couple of pictures from Thanksgiving, but forgot to mention how great it was! We had our first meal with Ben's family on the Sunday - lot's of food as usual. Dinner number two was with my family on the Monday. It was really wonderful to spend time with loved ones and enjoy some delicious food. We had such great weather that weekend too- sunny and warm:) I'm thinking I'll need to make another apple crisp soon, I don't think I had enough...ha!

On Thanksgiving Sunday Ben and I went for a walk through one of my old neighbourhoods, and we found this willow tree,

I have loved willow trees since I was a little girl. There was a giant one halfway down my old street, and my best friend and I lived on either corner and used the willow tree as our meeting spot. They always seemed magical to me.

Climbing trees has also been a great love of mine. We had four giant trees on our property that I could climb with ease, and on a given day you could find me as close to the top as I could manage, with a book. So when Ben told me to climb a nearby tree on this particular walk, I was game! (And giddy)

I kind of wish I had some pictures of me up in the trees as a kid, it's a wonderful memory.

   Just love.

                         I love our weekends together.


Halloween was a very quiet evening for us this year. Living in an apartment means no trick or treaters (at least here), so we just ordered in and caught up on some of our favourite TV shows. Seeing pictures of my friends' and Instagram friends' little ones getting dressed up makes me so excited for the day when we have our own little ones to take out for Halloween:):) I certainly benefited from the Halloween candy in the meantime- so dangerous!

Well, that's my Fall 2012 in a nutshell. Technically Fall isn't over yet, but living in Ontario means it could snow very very soon. I am so ready for the Christmas season. That's a whole new kind of wonderful:)