Apr 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's Saturday morning. I am the first one up, and am now sitting at my desk by the window- feeling grateful that instead of the usual gloom and rain, there is sunlight streaming through. I long to put a record on my new record player and turn the volume up- but instead I'll play my Michael Bernard Fitzgerald CD on low on the computer so others can sleep. I have already made a to-do list for the weekend and it's pretty long. Realistically I know that I probably won't get everything done. but I'm choosing to be optimistic.

 I have a feeling the bike ride to and from where I work, (so that I can see how long it would take me), might be the item on my list that get's left behind...but I hope not. Biking to work would save me money and provide me with extra exercise. I have been craving more exercise in my life (more so than running after two toddlers during the day), but since I caught this horrible cold that affected me for two months....I've been a little lax on actually attempting anything. I don't have any grand ambitions, that would just be setting myself up for failure, but I'm thinking if I can start with biking to work, and maybe some at home yoga a couple evenings, that would be OK. I do need a bit of a lifestyle change in general, I should not be getting so sick for so long, it's ridiculous! There needs to be way less crashing on the couch and eating too many carbs in my life!

Despite a particularly long work week and the faint desire to crawl back into bed and forget that I have thing's to do-I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend. My apartment is in huge need of a clean and a major de-cluttering session and I'm excited to get that done! (I'm a dork, but I just can't feel good or productive with mess surrounding me!)

I also have plans to see my really good friend Morgan and her kids tonight- including her new baby girl that I am dying to hold! :) Catching up with friends makes me really happy, especially when a couple of my closest friends don't live I enjoy every moment.

Sunday will hopefully be productive as well, and I have my family coming over in the afternoon for dinner and hopefully a movie. I haven't seen my parents in over a month, (even though they live 15 minutes away), because they caught this same cold that I had, so I'm looking forward to getting back to normal. We usually try to see each other every Sunday, and I love it. Someday we might not live as close to one another and I'll miss these times, so I appreciate that I can see them often now.

These past couple months got me down- I had no energy, felt awful all the time and plans were often cancelled (including much needed date nights) because I just wanted to sleep and feel better. It was very easy for me to form complaints in my head and feel sorry for myself. Just in the process of writing this post though, I've realised that there are a lot of good thing's in my life right now that make me happy.

So I think I want to end this post with a few thing's that are making me happy right now, (in no particular order):

1. Chai tea- I'm addicted, it soothes my throat and tastes so good, Starbucks Chai Latte's are a favourite too!

2. Sunlight

3. My new white lace dress that I got at 60% off and cant wait to wear:)

4. Music- oh I don't know what I would do without you!

5. The Civil Wars album "Barton Hollow"- it's been on repeat on my Ipod for the past year

6. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" (that I'm currently listening to, and may or may not be dancing in my chair as I do so).

7. My sister's company

8. My friends

9. Getting to spend time with my friends' kids

10. The hugs I get daily from the two little guys I look after

11. Bright nail polish

12. Another trip to NYC coming up!

13. Reading

14. Family

15. BEN

(I want to try and write down what's making me happy daily, it instantly picks up my mood!)