Jan 13, 2013


It's been one of those days. (Please excuse all the jumbled thoughts that I am sure will follow)

Last night I awoke somewhere around one am to one of the most excruciating migraines I have ever experienced. Nothing helped. I couldn't get back to sleep until seven am, and even then it was only for a couple of hours. Not a fun night. Not at all.

So today has been a very, very lazy day. I've watched seven movies so far, (combination of Disney and chick flicks, I am not ashamed), snuggled with my cats a lot and kept all lights off except the mini lights over the bed. Oh, but that was all after I enjoyed a glorious breakfast in bed from my man, who, after hearing about my night went straight to the kitchen to cook for me without a word. I love him.

One of my personal goals for 2013 is to simply do more of what makes me happy. Whatever that happens to be. I spent too much of 2012 worrying, and thinking that I "should" be doing this and that, or that my life "should" be a certain way. That doesn't work for me any more. This year I am going to embrace joy. Take more bubble baths, learn a new recipe, take more pictures, snuggle with Ben, buy clothes that make me feel good, spend more time with my friends, go thrifting. Those things all bring me joy. That's just off the top of my head. My point being, life really is short and precious, and I will not waste mine. I am going to enjoy the heck out of it for as long as I can. Maybe that sounds heavy, but this is just how I have been feeling.

I have all these ideas bouncing around in my head lately- so much I want to accomplish this year. In particular, I want to embrace creativity a lot more. I've got notebooks filled with random thoughts and lists- it's how I operate. If I could make or learn at least one new thing a week, I think that would be fantastic. I don't like making lofty new years goals, this seems manageable. Maybe, just maybe I might actually turn that idea into regular blog posts:)

More to come, I think. Going to enjoy the rest of my night now.

Jan 5, 2013

New Years Eve With Friends

I woke up on the last day of 2012 to snow falling gently outside my window. One of my favourite sights. I had another leisurely morning before Ben got home from work and we were on the road. 

 Left these two behind with my sister. Wish I could spend the day sleeping!

 Our view the entire drive :)

Poor sick baby :(

All dressed up! (My dress is from Modcloth) Poor Jill just wanted to be held all night- I didn't mind.

I quite like this one :)

  Snuggles the next morning

 Garlic chicken and the most amazing warm potato salad for lunch!

 The best lunch companions

  Singing baby :)

So I didn't know what was going on above my head for this one- but I love this picture.

 Making chocolate spiders in the kitchen- this little guy is my favourite baking companion :)

 This picture makes my heart happy- even with Ben pulling a face!

 Oh these two....they love each other :)

 Chocolate spiders- a Barclay family recipe, they are amazing!

Sad to leave :( The vacation is over

New Years Eve was full of sick baby cuddles, yummy food and chatting with our good friends. We toasted 2013 with sparkling wine in our fancy clothes:) I cannot even tell you how eager I was to enter a New Year!

New Years Day was pretty low key. More snuggles with the kiddos, an amazing lunch, a bit of baking with Paul and watching a lot of Friends. We didn't want to go home- back to our regular routines and responsibilities. But that's life right? I'm grateful that we got to welcome 2013 with great friends and look forward to what this year will bring. If I'm being honest, I wasn't a huge fan of 2012- nothing horrible happened, but it just wasn't my year. 

I've been making more lists this week (definitely a quirk of mine) and I think I've made a pretty good goal list for 2013. Maybe I'll post it on here. 

Jan 1, 2013

Last weekend of 2012

It was a quiet weekend. Just like I hoped. The apartment was finally cleaned. We got to sleep in. I ate way too much left over Christmas chocolate. Edited a ton of pictures. Enjoyed our friends company. It was a welcome break.

 Got some snuggle time in with Jill- who looks adorable in her new headband from us:)
 Paul loved playing games on Ben's phone

Huck was mesmerized by Ben's video game. Yes we finally named him! Full name Huckleberry Finn:)          

Seriously, I LOVE this camera! These are my first two polaroids:)

A Good Day

Last Friday was quiet. I watched episodes of "Giada at Home" all morning while blogging. The cats fell asleep beside me after they were a little misbehaved earlier in the morning- mostly the younger one of course;) I stayed in pyjamas until 1:30 in the afternoon and loved it. My parents came by in the afternoon to pick up my sister and I, and we went out for burgers and fries at a local diner. After I finally got to pick up my new polaroid camera. I am in love with it!!

    A pretty perfect morning in my opinion:)

 Going out with my family in my new striped shirt from the Gap- I have a stripe addiction.
My new typewriter - love!

 Current happy corners of my home.

   Friday lunch:)

How I spent my Friday night:)

Friday night found me home alone- Ben was with friends. It was my first slice of alone time my entire Christmas vacation. I quite enjoyed it! Movies, candles and picture editing were in order.

I should have been cleaning the apartment as well- Morgan, Dan and the kiddos came over the next morning for a visit (and to meet the kitten). I wound up putting that off and cleaning quite rapidly the next morning- that happens a lot;) We had already planned to spend New Years with them as well- I wish we could see each other this frequently all the time!

After such a busy week, it was nice to finally have some downtime. 

Sister Shopping Day

I won't list all my purchases this time;) My sister and I set out in yet another snow storm last Thursday morning to do some shopping. Let's just say my gift cards were put to good use, and I have a decent amount of new clothes now:) I think my favourite find was a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins at half off! I remember having a pair of moccasins at a child, I've always loved them. They are so incredibly comfortable.

What I enjoyed most about that day was getting to spend quality time with my sister. I had been so sick the last couple months and she had been consumed with school work. Even though we live together, it seemed like we barely saw each other. Yesterday was really special. We had plenty of time to talk as we shopped (Starbucks in hand of course!) I would love it if we could do that again soon. Ok, maybe we won't spend as much money-ha!

A very busy Boxing Day!

We got an early start. We had some money/gift cards that we received for Christmas and we knew what we wanted to get. So off to the mall we went for 8:30 am. The mall opened at 9am. We were out of there with exactly what we wanted at 10am! Didn't have to stand in line, zero disappointment. It was fantastic!

Ben was only looking for a couple video games, I was looking to get my new camera, a pair of moccasins or boots a Season of the Office and maybe a book. Well the camera I wanted wasn't in stock so that will have to wait, but I was really successful otherwise.

Found the season of The Office that I wanted on sale, snagged some special goodies at  Sephora (and beat the lines!), and best of all- Hunter boots half off!!! I've wanted a pair for awhile, but not at the full price. Even at half price they're expensive, but I decided to treat myself:)

After that Ben and I went to Ikea to look at the rug I wanted (the black and white geometric print one that's really popular) but it was more expensive that I thought, and after spending a bit already, I decided it would have to wait. It will be perfect in my living room though.

Our last stop was Chapters, where I picked up another one of Giada DeLaurentis' cookbooks (I now have 4), a biography on Julia and Paul Child and "The Happiness Project" (it's been on my must read list for awhile, I've heard great thing's about it!) There's something about bringing home new books that makes me giddy! I have fond memories of Christmases past where I would spend the bulk of my vacation on the couch in front of the fire with my new books. We don't have a fireplace here, but otherwise that's what I'll be doing for some of my vacation this year too:) 

My cousin Meaghan (who currently lives in London) was going to be in Ottawa for a quick layover on her way to Nova Scotia in the late afternoon. We were all really excited to see her! She used to be a couple of hours away in Montreal, so having her so far away in London the last couple years has sucked! She was arriving in Ottawa at 3:45, and we had to get to my family dinner later, so we arrived all dressed up. It was sooooo good to see her! She was able to catch a later flight, so we had a couple hours with her, which was great, but still too short! I would absolutely love to visit her in London, even if that doesn't happen, I cannot wait for her to be close by again!

                   My new Christmas dress from Modcloth- I love it so much!

                   Waiting at the airport for our cousin to arrive.

                   Mom and Meaghan- who just HAD to have Tim Hortons when she arrived:)

After seeing Meaghan off we rushed to my Aunts for Christmas Dinner. The food was amazing! I received more generous gift cards to do even more shopping- ha! It was really great to see my extended family, it was over too soon! After such a busy day I pretty much collapsed on my bed upon arriving home. It was a good day.

Christmas Day- My Favourite Day

Oh it was a Merry Christmas this year! Woke up a little early. Watched movies and curled my hair. Drove to my parents house for noon with the kitten. Then the fun began!

 Sisters- The hats are another tradition...that I try to get out of every year, ha!

 My brother likes his coffee:)

 That's kilt is actually meant for a whine bottle, my Mom thinks she's funny.

I was dubbed "Santa" this year, so I got to hand out the gifts (usually my Dad assumes this role). The gifts for all were so thoughtful this year, and I'm positive everyone got what they wanted. My big announcement? I finally got a type writer!!!! My parents found it for me, it works and I'm ecstatic! Anyone who knows me knows I've wanted one for a very long time. And yes, I will be writing letters with it:) They also got Ben and I a wicker picnic basket (another long time want) complete with cutlery and a red checked table cloth. One of my favourite gifts from my sister is an art journal, just the right size that I can fit it in my purse and bring with me. She knows me well. My brother gave me enough money to get the Fuji Instax mini camera that I've been wanting (makes mini Polaroids!) which was fantastic! I won't list all the gifts, those are just some of the highlights, I felt spoiled for sure!

After the gifts we had a light lunch then had our annual viewing of "March of the Wooden Soldiers" an old Laurel and Hardy movie from the 50's (think Babes in Toyland). We have been watching this on Christmas Day since I can remember, my Dad just loves it. We know all the words to the songs, and poor Ben just sits there while we sing them at the top of our lungs. It's one of my favourite Christmas traditions:) We played a few games after the movie, including Laura's new Disney trivia game that was harder than we anticipated! We finished the day off with some yummy Shepperd's Pie and I had a nap with the kitten on the couch. It was the perfect family day.

Since we weren't having our big Christmas dinner with the extended family until Boxing Day, Ben and I decided to spend Christmas night just the two of us. Originally we were planning on going to see "Les Miserables", a movie I have been eagerly awaiting since the summer- but it was full:( So instead we'll see it this weekend. We got some snacks, went home and Ben watched "Little Women" with me, another Christmas tradition (more for me, he's a good sport).

We had big Boxing Day plans so it was early to bed for us. I am seriously so grateful that I could spend Christmas with the people that I love. After a few difficult months, this was just what I needed. Feeling thankful, happy and excited for the New Year!

* My thoughts and prayers were with the families in Newtown throughout the day. I cannot even imagine how hard this day must have been for them. I hope they felt love on Christmas Day.