Jul 25, 2013

Sunday, July 14th- My Bridal Shower!

Sunday, July 14th my sister Laura (and maid of honour), threw me a Bridal Shower! This one was attended by my bridal party and closest friends and cousins who could make it. (My Mom is throwing me a second shower in late August!)
It was a little surreal.
I spent the first half of the party trying to take it all in, while thinking "is this all really for me?!"

The shower was, in my opinion, perfect. When I arrived everyone was already there. ( I was instructed to come half an hour after the party started since I'm usually early for everything- and they knew I would likely show up before the other guests- ha!) It was truly wonderful to enter my sisters home and see so many people I love together in one room.

Once I was settled in my chair, I started to notice all of the little details-first the black and white photos my friends Jessica compiled of Ben and I over the years (favourite surprise- the photos now hang in our bedroom).

I didn't get a shot of them hanging at the shower, but you get the idea here:)

 Then I looked up and saw black and white tissue flowers hanging from the ceiling.

I stand corrected. You can see the photos hanging in the back.

I spotted a punch bowl filled with fancy lemonade, my favourite drink. I found the food table filled with some of my favourite treats assembled, and the gifts were all wrapped in black and white.

Cannot forget the guestbook journal my sister circulated that everyone signed. It contains many sweet messages that I will treasure always.

The shower was black and white themed as I've mentioned before, so all of the guests wore black and white also. Everyone looked beautiful!

Only missing one of Ben's cousins in this photo- she was taking the picture.

 I had found a gorgeous dress on sale at Suzy Shier ($20!). I was so excited to wear it that I was dressed and ready to go at 11 am- the shower started at 2pm....

After a few shower games (including "How well do you know the Bride", which I always enjoy), I opened my gifts. We got some really nice things off of our registry, and two of our friends gifted us a "romantic bath" basket. It came complete with bubble bath and salts, rose petals, candles, a bottle of champagne, flip flops and a gorgeous satin robe for me. Loved it! I am so grateful to everyone just for being there, and overwhelmed by their generosity! I am also a huge lover of cards and plan on making all wedding related cards into a small book. (My sister's card even made me cry!)

My sister. My maid of honour.

Because my friends know me so well, next was a photo session. I've always said that my two priorities for our wedding day are 1) Actually getting married and 2) Photos. I am so in love with photography and capturing everyday moments.

But I'm rambling here.

After taking a few group shots of everyone in attendance and some of just me and each guest, my bridesmaids and I got together and hilarity ensued.

Recreating the post from the movie "Bridesmaids" (think we nailed it;) This is my favourite.

My shower was filled with friends, family, food, photos and laughter- my favourite things. I had an absolute blast! Thank you so much to everyone who came (and to the few that could not, you were missed!) To my maid of honour Laura,  who hosted and to my friends and bridesmaids Brittany, Jessica and Morgan who helped throw the shower: I am SO grateful for everything you did to make this day special, you all mean so much to me. I am so lucky to have so much love in
my life.

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