Jul 25, 2013

Engagement Photos Round 1

I am clearly more behind than I thought since these photos were taken by my lovely friend Morgan at the end of May! Better late than never though right?

I say these are round one of our engagement photos because I have a couple more ideas involving a beach at sunset and some old buildings downtown. Fortunately Ben is on board:)

Back to these photos. Morgan is a great photographer and our dear friend, so I was so thrilled she was willing to snap a few photos for us. I seriously love what she captured (and thank her for being patient since I took awhile to warm up!

So here they are:

 This one is going out with our wedding invitations.

I still cannot figure out what I want to do with these- an online photo book? Print them and slip them into a 4x6 album? Collage frame? Likely one of the first two options, maybe I'll ask Ben which he'd like better.

I cannot wait to execute the other engagement sessions I have in my head. I cannot believe we'll only be engaged for two more months! I cannot wait to get married.

Morgan, seriously. Thank you!


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