Feb 28, 2013


Dreaming of: New York City- we're planning another trip soon...I hope!

Listening to: "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys- love her voice.

Reading: "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton (for the second time) and "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matt Logelin. Also just finished "Blog Wonderful" by Dana Fox on my Kobo. I know that's a lot at once, and normally I can't read more than one book at a time, but this is working for me- and I'm gaining so much inspiration from each book. Recommend all of them.

Wondering: If I can ever keep my kitchen consistently clean, why my kitten enjoys biting my earrings so much- ouch!

Eating: Way too many Cadbury Mini Eggs

Anticipating: My birthday, our anniversary, spring.

Feb 24, 2013

Life Via Instagram

It's been a busy week- but a good one. We went from a quiet Valentines Day two Thursdays ago to a family filled weekend. We celebrated Ben's sister's birthday, went to Winterlude (on a really cold night- brrr!) and ate way too much food. Unfortunately, I was fighting what feels like cold number 20 this winter (got it on Valentines Day actually), but I refused to let it ruin the weekend. Now that my four day work week is done, (having last Monday off was great!), I'm feeling much better and enjoying a much quieter weekend. So here's my past week in Instagram photos:

 So many snowstorms- this is how I looked walking to work most days.

 What their weekends look like.

 One of my new headbands from Just Lovely Things - adore it!

 Ready for Winterlude!

 I got my cinnamon sugar and lemon Beaver Tail- amazing!
 A few of the amazing sculptures

 It was so cold- I've never been so happy to see a fire pit!

 Views of the canal


 Poutine- because Ben's cousin and her friend were visiting from NYC, and her friend had never tried it. It's definitely a favourite of mine.

 We went to my favourite burger joint in Ottawa- The Works.

Seriously SO good!

Falling For Friday

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So I'm a little late here...ok a lot late! Anyway here are a few thing's I am LOVING this week- and Ben has promised me that watch for our anniversary in a couple weeks! He's spoiling me. I'm linking with A Little Artsy , Westover Manor , and Just Dawnelle - hoping to post my favourites every Friday along with them:)

Falling For Friday

Feb 16, 2013

Seven Lovely Things

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /  / 6 / 7
(All images found via Pinterest)

When I saw this post on Valentines day, I new it wouldn't be hard for me to come up with a collage of my own. (In reality I probably could have posted seventy images, instead of just seven!) All of these images are inspiring me in different ways right now- especially that list book, because you know how much I love lists;) That chalkboard frame wall really needs to be in my life asap as well!

Loves on a Thursday

Valentines Day

I used to pretend I didn't care about Valentines Day at all. It started when I was single and continued through the first few years I was dating Ben. I didn't want to be that girl who believed you should only be celebrating love on that one day of the year. Also, I think I wanted to pretend that I didn't care about other things like flowers, chocolate and jewellery  Let's be honest...I cared a little. Not in the sense that I had certain expectations on this particular day, or that I believed that Valentines day = presents, more that I still wouldn't say no to them;)

While I still think that relationships should be celebrated all year long, and that you should put the effort in every day, I'm also getting on board with Valentines Day this year! I mean come on, there's nothing wrong with a special day for love- especially when I know Ben and I make a good effort the rest of the year. So that was a wordy way of saying it was a good day! The sun was shinning, I consumed too much chocolate and the kiddos and I worked on some home made Valentines at work all morning. Every time I checked my Instagram feed itwas full of happy, colourful photos, and love was abounding!

That night Ben and I enjoyed one of our favourite meals, Giada DeLaurentis' "Dirty Risotto" (that Ben cooked ahead of time the night before, love him!)  We turned off the lights, lit some candles and ate and talked. One of my bosses gifted me with some amazing lemon cheesecake for dessert- you would think I wouldn't have room for it after such a rich dinner, but I always make room for cheesecake!  Afterwards we watched a movie- "Where the Wild Things Are" (we hadn't seen it yet- loved it!).

We had decided on our plans for the evening a few weeks ago and I had been looking forward to it ever since. Ben also sweetly gifted me with a Julia Child cookbook, truffles, and signed me up for a photography course! I am SO excited! I couldn't have asked for a better night, honestly. We've been each other's Valentine for 6 years now, and I am happier with him every year. Ben- I love you so much, I look forward to 6 more Valentines Day's together...and even more after that!

Pancake Tuesday

I didn't even realize that this past Tuesday was "Pancake Tuesday" or "Shrove Tuesday", until Ben pointed it out to me mid-day. A day where we're supposed to eat pancakes? Sign me up! So we had chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and syrup for dinner that night. I like pancake Tuesday:)

Feb 12, 2013

I Would Not Trade my Weekends for Anything

Oh how I love weekends. Sleeping in. Leisurely breakfasts. Endless possibilities for the day. Going on little dates with Ben. Seeing friends and family. Indulging in delicious food. Sometimes that's just my Saturday:)

Last weekend did not disappoint. I brought home my favourite Indian food from Ahar on Friday night (definitely recommend if you're ever in Ottawa!), and spent the night in watching Mad Men. Outside it was snowing like crazy, (and had been all day), which was pretty to watch from the comfort of home.

 My view outside the apartment- the blurriness is falling snow!

Seriously so good! I want more.

I may or may not have enjoyed said Indian food again for breakfast on Saturday morning...I couldn't resist, the creamy butter chicken and warm delicious naan was calling to me!
After a lazy morning, Ben and I went out in search of good food for the afternoon, and wound up in down town Ottawa. I had these ideas in my head that we would find a cute new restaurant that served hot sandwiches and soup (which we certainly do have), but that all went out the window when we passed my favourite Chip Wagon. So Ben and I split poutine for lunch and grabbed some hot chocolates from Starbucks.

 We found a new bookstore, I could have spent hours here...

 My happy place

I was especially grateful for the sunny and somewhat warmer weather (for Canada) this weekend. We actually spent some time wandering up and down Bank Street and browsing in a few shops. When we passed my favourite art store Wallacks, I could not resist going in. I wound up going home with new drawing pens, two packs of chalk pastels and pastel paper. So one guess as to how I spent my Saturday night... (made all the more better by Ben drawing with me and Frank Sinatra playing on the record player).

Sunday we got brunch with my parents at a new favourite diner- The Wellington Diner. I had a meat and veggie omelet and the best smoothie of my life! (Apple, strawberry, kiwi) We had a great time- going on a "double date" with my parents somehow makes me feel really grown up, I have to say.

The weather was lovely again so we browsed a few more shops- and I fell in love with a red and white graphic print lounge chair...sigh, no room or money for that!

Sunday afternoons were meant for being lazy, and we gave ourselves full permission to do so! My sister was home so she and I caught up on our TV shows and before we knew it, it was 9 pm!

A little unfair how quickly the weekends pass. This one was so enjoyable and restful though that for the first time in months, I felt ready to take on the week! I hope this happens more often!

(All pictures taken from my I-phone and edited with the Afterglow app)

My Life Through My Phone- January Edition ( & A Bit of February)

Since I am behind on posting my phone pictures for the month of January, I'm going to do a quick catch up. There aren't very many- being sick on the couch for a good portion of the month being the culprit- I vow to take more pictures in February. So here we go:

 You could call this expression- I'm still very sick, but trying...

 Always cheers me up!

 Can we talk about this movie for a second? About how amazing it was, and how raw and emotional Anne Hathaway's rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" was? I was a hot mess of tears. So glad we got to see it even though we were feeling rotten. Worth it!!

 Huck's tactics to keep me from leaving are adorable.

 Rare (as of late) outfit post- Sweater: Smart Set, Jeans: Suzy Sheir, Necklace: Jones New York

 Saturday Lunch date- The Bagel Shop in Westboro is a new favourite!!

 That was a good day:)

 Another outfit for a Saturday date- Vest: Suzy Sheir, Black top: Gap, Dark blue tank: Smart Set, Jeans: Smart Set, Necklace: Street Vendor in NYC, Headband: MuchLoveIlly

 My arsenal when I'm sick

 Trying to inject some happy colours into my life when still feeling crummy: Sweater: Suzy Sheir, Pants: Jacob, Yellow Crochet Hat: Bought at the Stittsville Flea Market from a sweet woman with her own local shop (I'll have to find her card to remember the name) I wear it all the time now!
 Another solution of mine when you're still stuck in bed on day 5 of being sick in the winter? Run out to the mall quickly and buy yourself a new cozy sweater:) : Plum cardigan: Gap, Tank: Smart Set, Yoga Pants: Smart Set, Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace: Lisa Leonard Designs (this one is no longer there, but check out her shop, it's full of so many amazing pieces! I have a small addiction...)

 Hucks way of cheering me up- it works!

 This one finally started snuggling again- guess she's no longer mad at us for bringing Huck home, ha!

 Typical work supplies when you look after 3 year olds. Also I love colour!

 This is actually my sisters shirt, but I would love to steal it and maybe not give it back;) The necklace is from the two little guys I care for (given two Christmases ago). It's very special to me.

 Eating lot's and lot's of chilli around here. Winter comfort food- I like it spicy!

Playing this game every day, and loving it.


I suppose I could just group all these pictures together with the title "little joys". Jut a few of the moments that brightened my dreary January.

Well it's officially February now. Or has been for a week or so;) This week is Valentines week, and we'll be going to Winterlude this weekend (Ottawa's main attraction- after skating on the Rideau Canal you can check out the dozens of gorgeous ice sculptures artists have created. This is best done while also enjoying hot chocolate and a beaver tail- I'll take mine with cinnamon sugar and lemon please!) It's usually still pretty cold in February around here (and snows a LOT!), but February's arrival also means we're over the winter hump and approaching spring. (Well that's the hope-sometimes it's still snowing in April around here!) Since March is tied with December for being my favourite month of the year, I usually spend February in eager anticipation/planning mode. You can laugh if you want.

Our first weekend in February was wonderfully busy. We spent a quiet Friday night in (since Ben was still sick) and went to bed early. Exciting I know;) Saturday morning we got an early brunch at "Rockin' Johnny's" diner with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. I had a pretty standard bacon and eggs breakfast, the lemonade was especially yummy though! We were actually trying to get into another place in Westboro called the "Baker Street Cafe", but the line-up was out the door and it was cold! We are determined to get in eventually! It was great to see our friends again though, and we made some travel plans with them for the spring! I'll post about it when it's confirmed:)

After brunch we relaxed at home and then went out to a movie with Morgan and Dan-who were in town for the weekend. We saw "Silver Linings Playbook", it was fantastic! It was still on our minds long after we left the theatre. Jennifer Lawrence really delivered, it was nice to see Bradley Cooper in a different role, and Chris Tucker was probably my favourite. I definitely recommend this movie!  After the movie I joined them at Morgan's parents for dinner (Ben went home, still sick). We had chilli and apple crisp- winter comfort food. I got to spend time with their kids (always love that) and we played the game of "Life". (Totally brought back childhood memories) Basically it was a great Saturday:)
 Paul asked for a picture of me, him and Jill. Well I think it turned out nicely:)

Sunday was of course Super Bowl Sunday. I don't really follow football (unless I'm hanging out with my Dad) so while Ben went out to watch the game, my sister and I hung out. We ordered in from Boston pizza (I got Fettuccine Jambalaya- sooo good and enough for 4 helpings!), and watched movies. I always love hanging out with my sister. We miss our brother though-he's been busy- I can't wait to have our usual Sunday night hangouts back! I have no complaints though-I really needed this weekend!

It feels good to be (almost) caught up. Thank goodness for Instagram and my I-phone so that I can keep track of these little moments.