Aug 8, 2013

It's August- more big changes coming.

It's August...what?! 

I still feel like June just ended (and I still need to get caught up on that month, yikes!)
I will do my best.
This week and next I am on vacation. Not only that but I am transitioning into a new job, and career on August 19th. Scary and exciting all at once. Also a little sad. I truly loved being a nanny. It's only been 5 days since I last saw the boys and I already miss them like crazy. I could write a novel about that subject though, and right now I feel that's best left for a separate post. 

Back to being on vacation- it's been very enjoyable and busy so far. Over the weekend I caught up with my friend Brittany over coffee, cleaned and cleaned (and I'm still not done!) and spent the day on Sunday with my family. I had my first dress fitting with my Mom, and I'm not sure who was more excited, her or me. Since Monday was a holiday Ben and I didn't have to worry about getting home early so we stayed at my parents pretty late and played many card and board games. I was introduced to Mad Gab- tough but so fun! 
Oh, here I am forgetting the main reason we spent the day at my parents house (other than their company of course), we were celebrating Ben's birthday! His birthday was indeed July 2nd, but I'm not kidding when I say that we have all been so busy this summer. Last weekend was the first chance for us to get together and properly celebrate with the whole family. My cousin Meaghan made a really delicious meal, as well as Ben's birthday cake- which was a practice run for our wedding cake! The cake was very very delicious and looked great! (None of us are huge fans of fondant, but it sure makes for a pretty cake.) 

Ben and I spent most of the holiday Monday together and I was almost able to finish addressing all of our wedding invitations with the help of Brittany. I feel like we are down to the wire with getting these invitations out, having to start all over did not help! I really appreciated Brittany coming over to help me, again! Monday evening Ben and I were pretty tired. We watched some old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30 pm! I'm glad we had that bit of quiet time together, we really need it from time to time. 
Tuesday I had an interview for my new job. I was so wired for it that I found myself up at 6:30am...the interview wasn't until 1pm! Meaghan was able to drive me there, which was great since it's actually pretty far from my apartment. It was also awesome to have her around for moral support. The interview went really well! I don't tend to blog about work, and so I won't be giving a lot of details here, but I have a new job with a great company, it's going to be completely different from nannying and I am excited. Also grateful to have time off before starting so that I can decompress a little and get a few things done at home. 
What's really awesome is that I was able to return the favour for Meaghan on Wednesday when she had a job interview in Montreal! I went with her for moral support and to spend the day there with her. I will share more about that later. 

A little preview.

So that's my week so far. I got another early start today (unintentionally) and I'm spending my morning at Chapters to blog and get organized.

 I knew that if I stayed home I would be in pyjamas until noon and watch endless TV. (Not that I don't deserve that every once in awhile but my free time this week is limited!) At least for the rest of my time off I'm hoping to make my way down to Chapters most mornings to blog. I love blogging and I'm hoping to get back into a groove with it. I'm also hoping to do yoga at home most afternoons. I'm putting this on here to hold myself accountable. Having time off means no excuses. 

Later this week I will post about my last week as a nanny, my trip to Montreal, a wedding update and my goals for August. Also planning to get started on my first ever Project Life album this week that I hope to share here as well:)

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