May 27, 2013

Life Via Instagram -Catching Up (Long Weekend in Kingston)

We spent our Victoria Day long weekend in Kingston with our friends Morgan and Dan and their kids Paul and Jill. (They are all in our wedding party!) We haven't seen them as much this year as we did the year previous (now that Morgan is back to work) so getting a long weekend with them was awesome! We had lazy mornings, had lot's of outside time with the kids, ate some delicious food and even got a night out! Morgan was nice enough to take some engagement shots of Ben and I on the Monday, which I will post sometime soon. I love how they turned out! But back to the weekend:

This one is an eating machine! I wound up sharing most of my breakfast with her,not that I minded:)

Me: Paul, what are you drawing?
Paul: I'm making my destiny!
Me: That's great Paul!
Paul: No, it's not finished.

Saturday morning colouring.

One of my favourites. Ben drumming on Jill's legs, just makes my heart melt.

Snack time.

We love her.

We love him too.

 My snack, makes me think of summer.

Some of my Instax shots- Ben was totally taunting Jill with grapes!

Might not look like much to you, but this poutine with jalapeƱos and Italian sausage was SO good! I love spicy food.

Sunday morning hang out.

Just me and her after her nap while Morgan was working and the boys were out for a walk:)

The caption says it all.

The CUTEST bonnet, on this cutie.

Having some quiet time together:)

Trying on Ben's suit jacket.

Out for some Thai food!

Ben made us laugh.

Possibly the best Thai food I've ever had. The chicken satay was amazing!

Dulce de leche cheesecake with Dulce de Leche ice cream. I savoured every. single. bite.

My fiance! (That's still not getting old)

After dinner happiness.

Taking this guy out for a date with just us. Went to Chapter's and had a blast!

I got a little doodle happy here. I just love him so much.

Love seeing these two together.

The best way to get around.

Making me some tea:)

Just love.

She is such a joy to be around!

Another favourite.

Wendy's dinner before heading home. It totally hit the spot!

They were reading our engagement story.

She sang ALL WEEKEND. So so cute!!

We hate saying goodbye, but it makes for cute pictures.

Came home to this little guy. (And Jewel of course, not pictured)

It was truly a great weekend.

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  1. Oh my heavens, she is a DOLL! Love all the pictures. And I think I need to get this app! It's abeautifulmess, right?

  2. also love the beautiful mess app:)! looks like you had a real god time... the little one are just to cute!


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