May 13, 2013

Hello Monday

Photo taken at Hog's Back where Ben proposed- I'm working on that post tonight!

Hello Monday

Hello to a busy, busy week!

Hello date night tomorrow- going to see The Great Gatsby with my fiance:):

Hello bridesmaid dress shopping and Mucho Burrito with Morgan later this week!

Hello going to see our wedding venue with my parents on Thursday- so so excited!

Hello to a weekend getaway- we are going to Kingston for the long weekend and I am looking forward to spending time with our friends, and their kiddos. Oh and all the wedding talk that I'm sure is going to happen between Morgan and I;)

Hello to the not so fun, but necessary stuff like laundry, dishes and a messy office that still needs to be put together. Also hello to needing more sleep, that would be great!

Hello Monday, for once I am happy you are here!

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