May 18, 2013

Life Via Instagram- Catching Up (Last weeks of April)

My lack up updates is the result of a combination of a couple weeks where I felt uninspired tired, followed by getting engaged, and becoming really really busy- but completely happy! I am working on our engagement story and hope to get it posted this weekend, as well as the rest of my Instagram pictures from the past couple of weeks. It's been hard to find the time lately, but I am missing this space so I will do my best! Ben and I are in Kingston for the long weekend, and we are loving spending time with our friends Morgan and Dan and snuggling their kiddos:) So for now, here is the start of the many photos I have to share!

 What a typical Saturday morning looks like. I was blogging in bed and he was sleeping on the computer mouse.

 The end of April was when we started to see the first signs of Spring! These pretty flowers were blooming all over the backyard where I work.

 One sad thing that happened in April was that my sister moved out:( She lived with us this past year (and unofficially lived with us the year before that ha!), because it was easier for her to get to school and work. She and her friends have found a town house though so off she goes. It's not too sad, because I will still see her all the time (and we have our spare room back! It's now an office;) Anyway, this image was taken the day she moved out when she was supposed to be packing- and instead distracted Ben from his overtime work and they started watching youtube videos :P

 Hanging out with the not so little guy who still loves snuggling on my shoulders:)

 One of our favourite pasta meals- spiral pasta, Alfredo sauce, hot Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and parmesan cheese. Not exactly on the menu lately now that were trying to eat healthier for the wedding- but Saturday is our cheat day and I plan on having pasta;)

 Enjoying a rare week night glass of wine after a long day. LCBO decided to strike this weekend- our long weekend....not cool!

 Blogging and catching up on Mad Men Season 6. Having two monitors in the office is awesome!

 Starbucks has a new frappucino- and it has 3 kinds of caramel in it! It's really hard for me to resist it....

 Lunch outside with the kids. I'll often pick this up from Starbucks if I didn't make a lunch that day, it fills me up.

 Just enjoying the sunshine. So happy Spring is here!

 Trees in bloom against blue skies.

See other photo of me- same caption applies;)

This catches us up to May- more to come! I'm lining up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged.

life rearranged

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