Jan 1, 2013

Christmas Day- My Favourite Day

Oh it was a Merry Christmas this year! Woke up a little early. Watched movies and curled my hair. Drove to my parents house for noon with the kitten. Then the fun began!

 Sisters- The hats are another tradition...that I try to get out of every year, ha!

 My brother likes his coffee:)

 That's kilt is actually meant for a whine bottle, my Mom thinks she's funny.

I was dubbed "Santa" this year, so I got to hand out the gifts (usually my Dad assumes this role). The gifts for all were so thoughtful this year, and I'm positive everyone got what they wanted. My big announcement? I finally got a type writer!!!! My parents found it for me, it works and I'm ecstatic! Anyone who knows me knows I've wanted one for a very long time. And yes, I will be writing letters with it:) They also got Ben and I a wicker picnic basket (another long time want) complete with cutlery and a red checked table cloth. One of my favourite gifts from my sister is an art journal, just the right size that I can fit it in my purse and bring with me. She knows me well. My brother gave me enough money to get the Fuji Instax mini camera that I've been wanting (makes mini Polaroids!) which was fantastic! I won't list all the gifts, those are just some of the highlights, I felt spoiled for sure!

After the gifts we had a light lunch then had our annual viewing of "March of the Wooden Soldiers" an old Laurel and Hardy movie from the 50's (think Babes in Toyland). We have been watching this on Christmas Day since I can remember, my Dad just loves it. We know all the words to the songs, and poor Ben just sits there while we sing them at the top of our lungs. It's one of my favourite Christmas traditions:) We played a few games after the movie, including Laura's new Disney trivia game that was harder than we anticipated! We finished the day off with some yummy Shepperd's Pie and I had a nap with the kitten on the couch. It was the perfect family day.

Since we weren't having our big Christmas dinner with the extended family until Boxing Day, Ben and I decided to spend Christmas night just the two of us. Originally we were planning on going to see "Les Miserables", a movie I have been eagerly awaiting since the summer- but it was full:( So instead we'll see it this weekend. We got some snacks, went home and Ben watched "Little Women" with me, another Christmas tradition (more for me, he's a good sport).

We had big Boxing Day plans so it was early to bed for us. I am seriously so grateful that I could spend Christmas with the people that I love. After a few difficult months, this was just what I needed. Feeling thankful, happy and excited for the New Year!

* My thoughts and prayers were with the families in Newtown throughout the day. I cannot even imagine how hard this day must have been for them. I hope they felt love on Christmas Day.

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