Jan 1, 2013

A very busy Boxing Day!

We got an early start. We had some money/gift cards that we received for Christmas and we knew what we wanted to get. So off to the mall we went for 8:30 am. The mall opened at 9am. We were out of there with exactly what we wanted at 10am! Didn't have to stand in line, zero disappointment. It was fantastic!

Ben was only looking for a couple video games, I was looking to get my new camera, a pair of moccasins or boots a Season of the Office and maybe a book. Well the camera I wanted wasn't in stock so that will have to wait, but I was really successful otherwise.

Found the season of The Office that I wanted on sale, snagged some special goodies at  Sephora (and beat the lines!), and best of all- Hunter boots half off!!! I've wanted a pair for awhile, but not at the full price. Even at half price they're expensive, but I decided to treat myself:)

After that Ben and I went to Ikea to look at the rug I wanted (the black and white geometric print one that's really popular) but it was more expensive that I thought, and after spending a bit already, I decided it would have to wait. It will be perfect in my living room though.

Our last stop was Chapters, where I picked up another one of Giada DeLaurentis' cookbooks (I now have 4), a biography on Julia and Paul Child and "The Happiness Project" (it's been on my must read list for awhile, I've heard great thing's about it!) There's something about bringing home new books that makes me giddy! I have fond memories of Christmases past where I would spend the bulk of my vacation on the couch in front of the fire with my new books. We don't have a fireplace here, but otherwise that's what I'll be doing for some of my vacation this year too:) 

My cousin Meaghan (who currently lives in London) was going to be in Ottawa for a quick layover on her way to Nova Scotia in the late afternoon. We were all really excited to see her! She used to be a couple of hours away in Montreal, so having her so far away in London the last couple years has sucked! She was arriving in Ottawa at 3:45, and we had to get to my family dinner later, so we arrived all dressed up. It was sooooo good to see her! She was able to catch a later flight, so we had a couple hours with her, which was great, but still too short! I would absolutely love to visit her in London, even if that doesn't happen, I cannot wait for her to be close by again!

                   My new Christmas dress from Modcloth- I love it so much!

                   Waiting at the airport for our cousin to arrive.

                   Mom and Meaghan- who just HAD to have Tim Hortons when she arrived:)

After seeing Meaghan off we rushed to my Aunts for Christmas Dinner. The food was amazing! I received more generous gift cards to do even more shopping- ha! It was really great to see my extended family, it was over too soon! After such a busy day I pretty much collapsed on my bed upon arriving home. It was a good day.

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