Dec 29, 2012

Christmas Eve- All Was Calm and Bright

Christmas Eve was a good mix of quiet and busy. Ben worked a half day and I was completely exhausted (partially due to a certain kitten who likes to play at 5 am...) so I spent the first half of the day napping and watching Christmas movies. Around supper time we drove to my parents house to open our stocking with them, as we always do. I love that tradition, stockings are so fun! My parents always include a new ornament in our stocking and this year I received a beautiful hand painted one, I love it! We brought the kitten with us, and my Mom never wanted to give him back. He hates car rides though- so that part wasn't enjoyable:(

    I just love this picture


After dropping the kitten off at home, we headed to Ben's Aunts to spend the rest of Christmas Eve with them. They have their dinner and open presents on Christmas Eve. It actually works out nicely that Ben and I can spend the bulk of Christmas Eve with them, and Christmas Day with my family and there's no conflict. As always there was an abundance of food, lot's of laughter, and dancing. Ben's family loves karaoke and dancing, and they set up the music in the basement for the kids. It wasn't long before most of the adults joined in, particularly for an enthusiastic rendition of "Gangham Style". So fun to watch! We went home with some good wine and lovely gifts from his parents (including a really nice sweater for me).

We were only supposed to open the presents from Ben's parents when we got home, but then we got too excited and opened our gifts to each other as well. Since the kitten was our Christmas gift, we agreed on stockings only. Except I cheated, and went way over budget on the stocking and also bought Ben the Kitchen Aid 10 piece pots and pans set he had been wanting. It was my turn to spoil him, and he wasn't expecting it! That's not to say that my stocking wasn't wonderful- it was filled with chocolates and candy, a great eucalyptus mint bath set for relaxation, a day planner (he gets me one every year) and some art supplies. He also threw in the Lion King, because I love Disney movies, and I'm building my collection back up for my future children:)

Had to include this one from earlier in the day- there's something about pictures with lit Christmas lights that make me happy- Ben does too:)

I always watch "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve, and so even though it was already midnight, I turned off all the lights except for the mini lights over our bed and put the movie on. I may have fallen asleep halfway through, but I fell asleep happy.

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