Jan 5, 2013

New Years Eve With Friends

I woke up on the last day of 2012 to snow falling gently outside my window. One of my favourite sights. I had another leisurely morning before Ben got home from work and we were on the road. 

 Left these two behind with my sister. Wish I could spend the day sleeping!

 Our view the entire drive :)

Poor sick baby :(

All dressed up! (My dress is from Modcloth) Poor Jill just wanted to be held all night- I didn't mind.

I quite like this one :)

  Snuggles the next morning

 Garlic chicken and the most amazing warm potato salad for lunch!

 The best lunch companions

  Singing baby :)

So I didn't know what was going on above my head for this one- but I love this picture.

 Making chocolate spiders in the kitchen- this little guy is my favourite baking companion :)

 This picture makes my heart happy- even with Ben pulling a face!

 Oh these two....they love each other :)

 Chocolate spiders- a Barclay family recipe, they are amazing!

Sad to leave :( The vacation is over

New Years Eve was full of sick baby cuddles, yummy food and chatting with our good friends. We toasted 2013 with sparkling wine in our fancy clothes:) I cannot even tell you how eager I was to enter a New Year!

New Years Day was pretty low key. More snuggles with the kiddos, an amazing lunch, a bit of baking with Paul and watching a lot of Friends. We didn't want to go home- back to our regular routines and responsibilities. But that's life right? I'm grateful that we got to welcome 2013 with great friends and look forward to what this year will bring. If I'm being honest, I wasn't a huge fan of 2012- nothing horrible happened, but it just wasn't my year. 

I've been making more lists this week (definitely a quirk of mine) and I think I've made a pretty good goal list for 2013. Maybe I'll post it on here. 


  1. Oh gosh, that food looks scrumptious! And you are absolutely adorable, girl! Great pictures!
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you! Checking out your blog now:)


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