Apr 22, 2013

Thoughts on Last Week

I was mostly inactive on Instagram and this blog last week. Last Monday morning I felt energized and inspired by all I hoped to accomplish (as I mentioned in this post). I felt ready to take on the week.

Then on the way home from work, I heard the news about Boston.

I spent the duration of that bus ride reading all of the news updates that I could. I knew there were videos, but I could not bring myself to watch them. My heart sank. For the lives lost. For the wounded who's lives have been dramatically and irreversibly changed. For a city that now lived in fear. Last week was a nightmare for so many. And the bad news did not stop with Boston. Tragedies occur daily around the world- that is the harsh reality. It's hard not to become discouraged, not to worry, not to wonder what kind of world our children will grow up in.

So I did not take many pictures last week. I tried many times to write a quick light hearted post on this blog and could not do it. There are no words that I could write here that would make any sense of these situations, so I took a break. What I could do, was spend time with my loved ones, and so I did. I know how lucky I am to even be able to do that, and I did not take a single joyful moment for granted.

Today, Boston has my prayers while so many try to pick up the pieces and move on. On this Monday, (which also happens to be Earth Day) I hope that people remember to be kind. To hug their loved ones close. To appreciate what they have. To send a friend an encouraging note. To plant some flowers in honour of a loved one. To buy coffee for a stranger. Just do something, a small act of kindness can go a long way.


  1. It was truly sad what happened this time last week. I'm glad that our law enforcement were able to catch at least the second suspect. It was also amazing to see the support and love of the American people during a time like that.

  2. It was so sad and it always feels like a punch in the gut when anything happens like that to innocent victims who are just midnight their own business. I will never get why people do such hateful things in this world.


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