Apr 3, 2013

A Very Different Easter

I don't have a whole lot of Easter pictures to show you this year. In fact, I don't even have much of a story to tell. Nevertheless, here goes.

The weekend started out promising enough- meeting friends for coffee and lunch at a favourite restaurant with two of my loves.

We had  Easter brunch with my family on Saturday and purchased all the necessary groceries for our indulgent Easter Sunday meals.

This was to be our first Easter just the two of us- since we did our meal with my family on Saturday and Ben's family was out of town. 

I woke up Sunday morning feeling more tired than usual, but figured I would be fine if I just took it easy for most of the day.

Seriously gorgeous sunrise.

We had our hash brown casserole breakfast (a tradition we started last year).

We stayed in pyjamas well past noon. Quickly consumed some insanely delicious stuffed peppers for lunch (obsessed!) that I had made the night before. We watched movies. Nibbled on Easter chocolate (OK, more than nibbled- Ben picked out my favourites!)

We made plans to go shopping for our Easter presents the next day. 

Throughout the day, that heavy, tired feeling hung on no matter what I did. Around 5pm, Ben suggested we go for a walk- I thought that would help, so I agreed. Thirty minutes later I was curled up in bed with a high fever.

That horrible, achy fever persisted throughout the night- accompanied by it's friends nausea, ear aches and sore throat. I got two hours of sleep that night. 

We never had our special Easter dinner of butter chicken, rice and naan bread. Poor Ben spent all of Monday waiting on me hand and foot instead of us going out for the day. I didn't leave the couch. Not exactly the Easter either of us had in mind. 

Today I feel better (I'm sure all the rest on Monday helped), but I don't feel great. At least the kiddos I look after are now at an age where they understand what being sick means- and they like to help me clean up:) 

It was hard seeing everyone's cheery Easter photos on Instagram the last couple of days when I was miserable and wishing our day could have gone differently. The white lace dress I had picked out was only worn for 20 minutes before the fever hit and I felt bummed that I never got the pictures I wanted.

But you know what? We can still have our dinner, dress up and go shopping. Those are just activities. Getting sick did not take away the fact that I have a wonderful man in my life who is so thoughtful and great at taking care of me when I need it. I know what the true meaning of Easter is, and feeling awful did not change that. Despite a less than perfect day, I am grateful. 

I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful Easter, no matter what surprises came their way:)

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