Apr 3, 2013

March Madness- Life Via Instagram

I did not fully prepare myself for how busy March was going to be. In the span of a few weeks we had my birthday, our anniversary, friends' birthdays, a special little girl's first birthday, and then Easter last weekend! Just a brief explanation for my silence over here this last week or so. I'm craving a couple nights of quiet right now, to gather my thoughts and process all of the wonderful moments that have occurred over the last month.

I posted about our anniversary the other week- and we celebrated well. We grabbed dinner at "The Works" on the actual day- and agreed that their gourmet burgers hit the spot! Since our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year, (and we're old now and don't like to stay up too late- ha!) a movie and snuggles on the couch was the perfect end to the evening for us. If you must know, we watched "Wreck it Ralph" , because we're cool like that. We loved it. I was touched to receive quite a few sweet messages wishing us well that day- it meant a lot. Like I said before, I'm feeling extra sentimental about our anniversary this year, so it was so nice to know that our friends were thinking of us.

As we usually do, we continued the anniversary celebrations over the following weekend. We got lunch at "The Grand" downtown, and then Ben bought me the Fossil watch I had been wanting (and mentioned in this Falling for Friday post), he spoils me!

I love him.

After that, a quick trip to Ikea where I spent some birthday money to give our room a little makeover (pictures to come). When we got home, I was in my happy place setting up our bedroom (yes, you can all laugh if you want- Ben sure does).

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and had my family over for a visit and quite the intense game of cards Sunday afternoon.

Seriously, this necklace is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewellery I own. Find it here. I love Melody's work.

He took a nap in an abandoned lamp box- just the cutest!

It was SUCH a great weekend, and I loved every moment of celebrating with my man.

The week after was still very busy, in a good way. I did some baking.

 Enjoyed quite a few white hot chocolates from Starbucks.

Worked on a banner for Jill's first birthday party.

And celebrated my friend Brittany's birthday by going to see "OZ- The Great and Powerful" (second time for me, no complaints!)

I feel like that whole weeks went by in a blur- and I still feel so behind at home despite  my efforts. Does that feeling ever go away? Probably not.

By Friday I was on my way to Kingston for Jill's first birthday party! Ben couldn't make it because he suddenly became really sick- ear infections are the worst! I spent the weekend with Morgan, Dan, Paul and Jill, celebrating her first year of life with their family. That is going to be a separate post- I have a ton of adorable photos to go through.

This pretty much catches us up until last week- which was largely uneventful. I spend most of my nights playing catch up at home with chores, e-mails etc. Then we were preparing for Easter - a time to spend with loved ones, to reflect, and to eat a lot of chocolate:) I posted about how our Easter weekend went here. I wish I could say we welcomed Spring in time for Easter, but the snow stuck around. We cannot wait for Spring around here- it will be another reason to celebrate.

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