Dec 29, 2012

A Weekend With Friends

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend with our good friends Morgan and Dan and their kids. We had such a wonderful time! Awhile back Morgan and I had decided that we wanted to have a "Christmas Weekend" together, where we would watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, do some baking, crafting, exchange gifts etc. We did just that. I was so excited to give all of them their gifts, especially the kids! I love the handmade owl I gave Jill from I Sew Lucky so much I almost bought one for myself. Morgan and Dan got us this wonderful print of NYC (they know us well) and it's up in our room already:)

                   These two love each other- it's the sweetest!

    Love lazy mornings with these kiddos!

                   Her favourite toy- I should have given her one for Christmas;)

    Denny's lunch date with our favourite family

 Dollar store shopping with Morgan and this sleepy cutie.

                     Watching her by the light of the tree. Christmas is magical.

 Christmas movies and cupcakes. My first time watching "One Magic Christmas", I cried...but I'm a crier.

 I passed her over to Ben and she snuggled right in. This picture makes my heart so happy!

 Sunday pyjama day with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" :)

 Making salt dough ornaments! Paul loved it...we did too!

                  More snuggles:)

Watching some of my favourite childhood Christmas movies with Paul and Jill, especially "A Charlie Brown Christmas", making salt dough ornaments, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with some of my favourite people was ideal. Christmas is that much more fun with kids around, I cannot wait until we can celebrate it with kids of our own:)

Saturday night Morgan and I even got some girly alone time (along with Jill who was still awake) and we watched several Christmas movies in our pyjamas with a glass of wine and cupcakes. Exactly what I wanted. The men went out to catch a movie and when they got back we watched Friends and enjoyed some more snacks- we just introduced Morgan and Dan to Friends, of course they love it!

In a perfect world these types of weekends would happen more often, but I'm grateful for any time we have together. I have also come to the conclusion that baby snuggles are, in fact, good for me:) I definitely got my fix. We'll get to see them again soon when they come over to meet the new kitten, and we're spending New Years with them as well- yay! So blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.

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