Dec 29, 2012

Mom's Birthday

We celebrated my Mom's birthday on December 20th this year, (her birthday is actually the 21st), because Ottawa was getting a huge snowstorm on the 21st! And a huge snowstorm we did get.

So after work on the 21st we all drove to my parents house to spend the evening with my wonderful Mama. We celebrated her with a delicious Parmesan chicken and sweet potato dinner, home made lemon cake sent over from my Aunt, and presents.

 I had ordered a nest necklace from MelodyJoy1983 for her, (she had long admired mine) and it arrived just in time for her birthday:) My mom's necklace has three pearls in the nest to represent her three children. She was thrilled and wears it all the time! 

                   Showing off her new necklace:)

                  My Dad bringing out my Mom's new music stand

Shortly after dinner we had to head back home to avoid driving in the storm. It was a short, but sweet celebration. 
Mom, I love you so so much, I appreciate your kind and generous spirit always, and am so grateful to have you in my life! Happy Birthday!

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