Dec 18, 2012


Watching the snow fall. Finally! It's snowing big, fluffy, wet flakes around here and I am thrilled!!! It's going to be a white Christmas:)

Saving all my Instagram pictures to my computer. Most people by now have heard about Instagram's new terms of service, where they will partner with Facebook to use our images in ads without our permission. I'm feeling pretty wary of this, and unsure of my future with Instagram. I hope I don't have to delete my account- I LOVE Instagram!

Enjoying a bowl of pasta with pesto. With my new dietary requirements this has become a favourite meal, and there's just something so comforting to me about a bowl of warm pasta, mmmmm...

Making lists. Endless lists. I am sorry to say that yet again I have several unfinished tasks to complete before Christmas. Nothing too unmanageable- (and I think being sick in bed for weeks is a good excuse!), but nevertheless I am behind. I can do this right?

Relishing in my last few days with the kiddos before I go on my Christmas holiday. These two boys are such a joy to look after and they make me laugh. Constantly. I am definitely ready for a break (thank you exhaustion), but I will miss them!

Still feeling sad. Newtown is still weighing heavily on my heart. I think about those families everyday. Somehow looking forward to Christmas feels wrong this year.

Eagerly anticipating the day we bring our kitten home. We thought we found the right one yesterday, but someone swooped in before we could and adopted her. I may have pouted about that for awhile last night. Nothing watching old episodes of the Office and taking a bubble bath couldn't fix though. Anyway the search is still on, hopefully not for too long!

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