Aug 24, 2013


Time to catch up! Clearly I did not do so well with the goals I set for myself during my vacation. If you can believe it I was busier on vacation than I was at work! Yikes! But I got a lot done:) Now that I have a quiet moment I am excited to get back to this blog.

So on Wednesday August 7th,  my cousin Meaghan and I took a day trip to Montreal. She had a job interview and invited me along- of course I said yes!

We took a bus around 8 am and got into the city just after 10. Along the way we chatted and I got to listen the the new Civil Wars album- it is SO good. (Really sad that it may be their last one!)

The weather the entire day was so beautiful! There was a risk of thunderstorms, but the entire time we were there it was sun and blue skies. Our first priority upon arriving was brunch. I love getting brunch in Montreal, so many cute restaurants to choose from that are reasonably priced, and the food does not disappoint! We both enjoyed our meals in the sun by an open window, excellent start to the day.

Before my cousins interview we wandered and took pictures- something I love doing in big cities. When it came time for her interview my priority was to find a coffee shop so I could enjoy a cold drink and dive into a good book. I was pretty overjoyed to discover a Starbucks right across the street from where she would be interviewing! (Yes, I know I have a problem.) I spent my afternoon outside on a patio with some delicious decaf iced coffee and a really good book. So good that I was taking notes (one of those dorky parts of my personality). When Meaghan's interview took longer than expected I didn't mind at all!

After Meaghan was done, we made our way down to the Old Port. This, hands down, is my favourite area of Montreal. It's so beautiful. All of the old buildings, cobblestone streets, art everywhere, the waterfront in plain site, plus it's filled with amazing restaurants. We chose a really good one for dinner, and were seated by an open window again. The food was amazing! Could not have asked for a better end to the day!

Before we knew it we were headed back to the bus station for the trip home. The day was kind of a whirlwind, but so enjoyable. It was nice to have a little getaway thrown in with my vacation time because I spent most of it at home. Grateful to have had such a wonderful time with my cousin. Headed back there tomorrow with Ben and my siblings to celebrate Meaghans birthday, cannot wait:)

Oh, and it didn't rain until we were on the bus headed out of Montreal ;)

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