Mar 7, 2013

Thoughts On My Last Night of Being 25.

25 was a lot of things.

It was the year I had a small freak out about getting older (don't judge, for me 25 was one of my scary ages).

It was the year Ben threw me an amazing dinner party, and we got a couple of cute pictures together, (should share about that in this space soon).

The year we met my friend Morgan's new baby girl Jill, and fell in love.

 The year we went back to NYC, and had photo shoots during a hike in Sunken Meadow and at Long Beach.

The year I was walking thisclose behind Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and determined that they are both even better looking in person! (Then immediately regretted not saying anything to them once they walked away).

The year we made a lot of trips to Kingston to see our friends and even spent a week of our summer vacation there.

The year we celebrated Ben's 26th birthday by going cave spelunking.

The year we ate out a lot and discovered a new favourite cupcake shop and Indian restaurant.

 The year I started drawing and painting again and loving it.

The year I spent almost my entire summer outside with the kiddos at work- enjoying the sunshine with picnics, trips to the park, wading pools and Popsicles.

 The year I fell even more in love with my job.

 The year I went canoeing with my aunt and cousin and we all wound up jumping into the water and swimming in our clothes.

 The year I discovered new coffee shops, book stores and antique shops.

The year I watched my good friend get married-and cried.

 The year I was a bridesmaid for the first time and caught the bouquet, (and Ben subsequently caught the garter, which was caught on video).

The year Ben and I started seriously talking about marriage.

 The year that almost my entire family had scary health issues- myself included.

The year I finally stopped caring about my weight.

 The year that my sister moved in with us and we purged a lot of our belongings to make room, (felt so good-yet we still have too much stuff).

The year that Ben and I went to Gatineau Hills several times and did a little photo shoot.

The year that I climbed a tree on Thanksgiving.

The year that I started my record collection- thanks to my anniversary gift from Ben.

 The year that I read "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton and "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matt Logelin and each book changed my perspective in different ways.

The year we brought Huck home, and had to keep all counter tops and table surfaces clean- because he is mischievous and knocks everything over

 The year Ben agreed to let me decorate for Christmas early to cheer me up.

The year I was actually able to surprise him with a larger Christmas present.

The year I finally got a typewriter! 

The year we celebrated Christmas and New Years with our good friends.

The year Lone Star became a favourite 'girls night' dinner location for me and my close girlfriends.

The year Ben and I had an amazing Valentines Day at home and spoiled each other.

The year I got back to blogging.

The year I learned a lot about what I want.

The year my family and friends showed me just how truly amazing they are.

The year I went from being incredibly discouraged to being inspired and so grateful for everything I have.

 And so much more.

On the eve of my 26th birthday, I am happy to close to door on 25- knowing that while it threw me some curve balls  it was a great year full of amazing memories. I am eagerly anticipating the next roller coaster that 26 is sure to take me on. More tomorrow.

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