Mar 27, 2013

A Trip to My Favourite Burger Joint in Ottawa

While Ben's cousin was visiting, we took her and her friend to "The Works". As you can infer from my post title, it's my favourite place to get a burger in Ottawa. They have an extensive menu full of both unique and conventional combinations for your burger- including peanut butter and Kraft dinner! You don't just have to have a beef burger either, you can also have a chicken burger, veggie party, portobello mushroom patty and even elk meat! So really anyone can find something they like.

 I've tried a few different combinations there, my current favourite is the "peppercorn broiler" - a beef burger covered in a peppercorn crust, topped with bacon and Gouda cheese. I opt to add cream cheese as well- might sound weird but it's amazing! I also love that they serve all their drinks in different sized measuring cups, very unique! I am addicted to their super thick milkshakes and die cut fries. I LOVE coming here and introducing friends and family to this restaurant. We had such a great time! (It totally seems like I'm writing an add for this place- but I just really love their burgers.)

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