Mar 7, 2013

Life Via Instagram

Little bit behind lately. Had a bit of a rough week last week and fell way behind on everything- you should see my apartment right now! Now that I am feeling better, it's time to get caught up- so here are my Instagram pictures from last week. (I am rachaelcm5 if you want to follow me there).

A favourite side dish of mine- asparagus with melted butter and Parmesan. This time we added bacon:) 

Loving my Just Lovely Things headband.

Ben attempting to finish the Perplexus- it's a fun/frustrating game! We are addicted.

What most afternoons looked like- the snow sure is pretty but I'm ready for spring now.

Love it when Ben runs me a bath, he always lights candles!

Enjoying a rare warm and sunny day outdoors with the kiddos. I have hopes for more days like this.

I love trees, even when their branches are bare.

For some reason this sign at the park made me chuckle.

Waiting at Starbucks after work for Ben to meet me so we could go on a quick date. We ended up walking for thirty minutes to get home, and got groceries. Nothing fancy, but it was nice. 
My spring hopes were dashed last Wednesday when I woke up to this. Not too disappointed- I live in Canada, I'm used to it- but the commute to work wasn't fun. This scene sure made me feel like I was "walking in a winter wonderland" though! 

I love having these visual reminders of the happy little moments from my week. 

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