Feb 7, 2013

Goodbye January

So January kind of did me in. It was the month of illness after illness (for both Ben and I and seemingly everyone we know...). I'm blaming this on the awfully dry winter we've had this year- it's made the cold and flu season especially brutal, not to mention that it's not doing my hair or skin any favours. To be honest, January was never my favourite month. I've actually seen quite a few other blogger's share these sentiments. I usually experience to post Christmas let down, followed by frigid temperatures ( it got to -40C the other week!) and gloomy days stuck indoors. I'm just not a fan. Some might argue that February can be quite similar, and yes it's still pretty cold out. For me however, February is the beginning of a lot of celebrating.

We have Winterlude beginning in Ottawa, Valentines Day, and a Family Day holiday this month. A couple of weeks later in March we'll be celebrating my birthday and our seventh anniversary! I seriously cannot believe it's been seven years- I was eighteen when I met Ben and nineteen when we started dating. Where has the time gone? I can still remember how nervous I felt around this time seven years ago... I knew I really liked this guy, I was pretty sure he liked me. We were already friends and being more than that made me feel excited and anxious. Oh eighteen year old Rachael, if only you knew how wonderful your life was going to turn out to be...

I suppose my point here is that I'm excited to move on into these next couple of months. For some reason I'm feeling extra sappy about all these milestones this year, (particularly our anniversary in case you couldn't tell), so forgive me if I get a little high on life and love around here for a little while. It's my blog, so I can;)

For now, I'm happy to see January go, and even if I have to deal with another couple months of freezing weather, I can't say that I mind waking up to snow falling outside my window now and again. Hot chocolate, blankets, movie nights and painting helps too:)

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