Feb 24, 2013

Life Via Instagram

It's been a busy week- but a good one. We went from a quiet Valentines Day two Thursdays ago to a family filled weekend. We celebrated Ben's sister's birthday, went to Winterlude (on a really cold night- brrr!) and ate way too much food. Unfortunately, I was fighting what feels like cold number 20 this winter (got it on Valentines Day actually), but I refused to let it ruin the weekend. Now that my four day work week is done, (having last Monday off was great!), I'm feeling much better and enjoying a much quieter weekend. So here's my past week in Instagram photos:

 So many snowstorms- this is how I looked walking to work most days.

 What their weekends look like.

 One of my new headbands from Just Lovely Things - adore it!

 Ready for Winterlude!

 I got my cinnamon sugar and lemon Beaver Tail- amazing!
 A few of the amazing sculptures

 It was so cold- I've never been so happy to see a fire pit!

 Views of the canal


 Poutine- because Ben's cousin and her friend were visiting from NYC, and her friend had never tried it. It's definitely a favourite of mine.

 We went to my favourite burger joint in Ottawa- The Works.

Seriously SO good!


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