Feb 12, 2013

I Would Not Trade my Weekends for Anything

Oh how I love weekends. Sleeping in. Leisurely breakfasts. Endless possibilities for the day. Going on little dates with Ben. Seeing friends and family. Indulging in delicious food. Sometimes that's just my Saturday:)

Last weekend did not disappoint. I brought home my favourite Indian food from Ahar on Friday night (definitely recommend if you're ever in Ottawa!), and spent the night in watching Mad Men. Outside it was snowing like crazy, (and had been all day), which was pretty to watch from the comfort of home.

 My view outside the apartment- the blurriness is falling snow!

Seriously so good! I want more.

I may or may not have enjoyed said Indian food again for breakfast on Saturday morning...I couldn't resist, the creamy butter chicken and warm delicious naan was calling to me!
After a lazy morning, Ben and I went out in search of good food for the afternoon, and wound up in down town Ottawa. I had these ideas in my head that we would find a cute new restaurant that served hot sandwiches and soup (which we certainly do have), but that all went out the window when we passed my favourite Chip Wagon. So Ben and I split poutine for lunch and grabbed some hot chocolates from Starbucks.

 We found a new bookstore, I could have spent hours here...

 My happy place

I was especially grateful for the sunny and somewhat warmer weather (for Canada) this weekend. We actually spent some time wandering up and down Bank Street and browsing in a few shops. When we passed my favourite art store Wallacks, I could not resist going in. I wound up going home with new drawing pens, two packs of chalk pastels and pastel paper. So one guess as to how I spent my Saturday night... (made all the more better by Ben drawing with me and Frank Sinatra playing on the record player).

Sunday we got brunch with my parents at a new favourite diner- The Wellington Diner. I had a meat and veggie omelet and the best smoothie of my life! (Apple, strawberry, kiwi) We had a great time- going on a "double date" with my parents somehow makes me feel really grown up, I have to say.

The weather was lovely again so we browsed a few more shops- and I fell in love with a red and white graphic print lounge chair...sigh, no room or money for that!

Sunday afternoons were meant for being lazy, and we gave ourselves full permission to do so! My sister was home so she and I caught up on our TV shows and before we knew it, it was 9 pm!

A little unfair how quickly the weekends pass. This one was so enjoyable and restful though that for the first time in months, I felt ready to take on the week! I hope this happens more often!

(All pictures taken from my I-phone and edited with the Afterglow app)

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