About Me

My name is Rachael.
I have been with the love of my life, Ben, for 7 years.
I work as a nanny and I love it.
I cannot wait to have kids of my own someday.
I am the oldest of three siblings, and love my brother and sister dearly.
I also talk to my parents every week, they are amazing.
My friendships mean the world to me.
One of my favourite things to do to is meet a friend at Starbucks and have a good talk.
I love taking pictures of everyday life.
Instagram is my addiction.
Once I pick up a good book, I cannot put it down.
Ben and I love watching TV together and playing board games.
I love jewellery (and have a particular preference for Lisa Leonard).
Boots, layers, and stripes are key in my wardrobe choices.
I love drawing, painting and writing with my typewriter.
I don't like scary movies or snakes.
I want to travel more and learn a new language.
New York City has a piece of my heart.
Black and white anything is my favourite, but I also love pops of colour- especially teal.
I started blogging so that I could keep a "virtual scrapbook" of my life.
It's become another creative outlet for me.
I love "meeting" new people through their blogs. 
I hope you will stay awhile and get to know me. 
I'd love to get to know you.

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