Dec 3, 2013

Life Lately

I promise I am going to be back with some wedding posts soon! I really didn't think it would take me this long- I'm also still waiting on my wedding photos,but they're coming soon. December for this blog will be full of wedding and Christmas posts, that ok? Good.
Just one of my recent favourites.
So here's what's been going on with me lately- in no particular order:
- Finally over this nasty cold I caught during our mini moon (we both got sick again and again over the last couple of months.) We knew it would happen.
- Getting the apartment slowly packed and clean has been my main priority. We are fed up with the mess that was piling up and want to be ready to move when the time comes.
- Really hoping to be able to post wedding photos (and more detailed posts about it) soon! Our wonderful photographer (and cousin) took a ton of photos and video footage throughout the entire weekend, so it’s a huge project for her. It’s going to be so incredibly worth the wait!
- Looking ahead into the New Year and realizing that we don’t have many “free” weekends between now and then. Such a busy and exciting holiday season this year!
- Already heading into hibernation mode with these chilly temperatures and high winds that occurred for most of November. Hoping to make a big pot of chilli this weekend and have a few soups planned for next week. Staying under the covers with hot chocolate and a book sounds good too.
- Missing Burn Notice. Ben and I started watching it during our mini-moon (he raved about it after watching the first couple of seasons on his own, so I promised him I would give it a shot.) I was skeptical, but it instantly became my new favourite show! Since we both spent the majority of October sick, most of our evenings involved watching Burn Notice after work and we quickly made it to the seventh, and final, season. We were both sad when it was over. For the first month of marriage it was our “thing”. Such a good show.
- Feeling a little bummed that I “missed” Fall. Obviously I witnessed the leaves changing (and our wedding took place on an incredible Autumn day), but I didn't wind up participating in many of my usual Fall rituals. Visiting the pumpkin patch, driving up to the Gatineau Hills for pictures, decorating our home, pumpkin cream cheese muffins at Starbucks, caramel apples- these are all things I look forward to come October. Between being sick and working longer hours, it just didn't happen this year. Fortunately, I can still remedy the muffin situation (I hope!) and we did have an amazing Thanksgiving. Next year my goal will be to stay healthy!
- On a related note- the Christmas excitement has started! We've already had our first snow storm of the season (not unusual for Ottawa at all) and  I'm ready for Christmas movies, peppermint hot chocolate, gift shopping, decorating, all of it!
- Feeling so grateful and undeserving of all that I have. When I have bad days, I can easily fall into the "woe is me" trap. I'm trying to catch myself more when that happens. Often I am upset by trivial things and there’s no need for that. Period.
- Thinking a lot about the Layete region of the Philippines. I can’t even imagine the devastation they are facing (pictures don’t tell the whole story.) Since my husband is Filipino it does hit closer to home for his family- fortunately all immediate relatives are ok (to my knowledge) but I do know others who have lost contact with their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with them- and their families and friends who are affected as well.
- Grateful to be able to catch up with my out of town friends and family more often. Visits with my cousin’s and Morgan’s family have been monthly instead of a few times a year and I love that. Also so happy any time I get a text with some version of the phrase “Want to catch up over coffee/dinner” from a friend.
- Planning our Italy trip is so much fun! This will be our big honeymoon. We’re taking two weeks in February or March (when it’s not a high tourist season), basically whatever fits in best with our work schedules. Neither of us has really travelled so this will be an incredible experience for us both. Over the moon excited!
- I miss the boys, a lot. Since my last day as a nanny I've been able to see them a couple of times and that has been wonderful. It’s still a huge adjustment from seeing them every day though. More visits to plan in the future for sure!
- Loving being married so much. In many ways it’s like not a lot has changed, and yet it really has. We’re a pretty good team.
- Not always finding the time to keep up with this space, but so happy when I do. 

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