Dec 3, 2013

Saturday, September 7th- Bridal Shower Round 2

I'm backing way up to share some photos and details from my second bridal shower! It took place on Saturday, September 7th.

My Mom and I.

This one was held in the same location (my sisters house) but this time was thrown by my Mom. It was "Victorian Tea Party" themed and she did a wonderful job. Ben and I received some really lovely gifts for our home and it was really good to catch up with some ladies that I hadn't seen in quite awhile, (quite a few of the Mom's I've worked for as a nanny or even high school babysitter came, which was really sweet.) The dessert table was filled with delicious goodies- including my Aunt's famous cherry cheesecakes, my Mom passed around photo albums and everyone chatted and enjoyed themselves. I really think I'm fortunate to have had two different bridal showers go so well! One of my favourite gifts from this shower was the recipe book that everyone contributed to. It's filled with a delicious recipe that each guest brought and they each wrote a note to me to go along with the recipe and put it all together on a scrap book page. I will be adding to this book for years to come- I just love it. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that my Mom also got me a sewing machine and lot's of black and white fabric and is going to teach me how to sew. I'm really excited. I felt so blessed to have my Mom put so much effort into throwing this shower for me, for her thoughtful gifts and her excitement over the entire wedding itself.
My sister was obviously there (and did a fabulous job as co-host), and I just want to leave a shout out to her and her room mates as well  for not only allowing both of my bridal showers to go on in their home, but for also attending and dressing up for both, baking, decorating, cleaning- really just going above and beyond to make me feel special. It was a wonderful day.

* It was a gloomy, rainy day that day so please excuse the grainy quality of the photos. 

After the shower my parents and Ben's parents met up for their first ever dinner- I know, how were we together for 7 years and our parents never officially met?! Happy to report that it went really, really well and we all got to enjoy some delicious Chinese food. Thrilled that we are all family now:)

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  1. you look great!... aww and the cake, beautiful pretty!


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