Jul 5, 2012

Summer Date Ideas

Yesterday I posted my Summer To-Do List, and one of the items on there was more date nights. Well I love planning such things and so I thought today I would do a little post with some of my ideas (many approved by Ben of course:)

Summer Date Ideas:

1. Reading at Chapters with Starbucks drinks.

2. Walk down by the beach, bring a picnic:).

3. Picture outing- Find a nice place to take pictures (beach, park, old buildings etc).

4. Spend a day (or evening) at a museum.

5. Dinner at a small cafe down town then to a bakery/cupcake shop for dessert.

6. Go see a concert, play, etc.

7. Make a nice dinner at home, play board games, drinks on the balcony.

8. Thrift store shopping, then go get ice cream.

9. Spend a day at Le Nordik Spa.

10. Do something creative together (craft, write, etc).

11. Sunday morning breakfast at a cute diner.

12. Road trip to a small town a couple hours away, spend the day there browsing the shops, eating in local restaurants, taking pictures etc.

13. Go on a boat tour of the Ottawa river.

14. Paddle boating on the Rideau Canal, get nachos and drinks after.

15. Make our own pizza's, go see a movie (or watch one at home).

16. Make our own pasta, then enjoy on the balcony with candles and music.

17. Cave spelunking (we went for Ben's birthday and would LOVE to go again!)

18. Spend a night making travel plans, play lists etc, and baking yummy treats.

19. Bike ride by the Ottawa river (need to find a cheap bike for Ben first!).

20. Go fishing- Ben's never been, and insists!

Some of these were old faithful's (like going to Chapters) but good ones, and some I tried to put a new spin on. I'm confident we can do most of these this summer, and I'll try and document all of them. I'm really excited!

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