Jan 19, 2012

Sick Day

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When I was a kid I used to love sick days.

Back then, a sick day meant staying home from school, getting to watch movies in my room, eating chicken noodle soup and ice cream, and having my Mom there to look after me. Now sick days mean missing work (which isn't as fun and I miss the kids), spending the day alone, and the TV in my room is no longer a special treat because its been there for the past several years. Some people might argue that at least I get to stay home and rest, but there a huge difference between having a day off, and being off because you're sick. Frankly all the aches from this fever and the nausea have been keeping me awake so I'm not getting much rest anyway.

OK, time to end I'm sick and feeling sorry for myself rant.

On the plus side, the files on my computer are getting more organized! Sounds completely lame, but it turns out I'm not good at just lying here doing nothing, I have to be checking something off my to-do list, so I've just been taking care of things that require little movement. It's funny how when things get chaotic all I dream about is curling up with a good book and not doing anything else for hours, but when I'm forced to relax I want to be doing seven things at once. I'm a very impatient person, I've come I realize. Once I decide I want something, it takes over my thoughts until I can make it happen, and if I can't make it happen then it drives me crazy! Suddenly my shopping habits make sense ;)

I am hoping to feel my old energy return soon, and to get a decent nights sleep! In the meantime, I'm trying to let the little thing go, like the dishes in my kitchen and the garbage sitting by the front door. They will be taken care of, right now I need sleep!

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