Jan 21, 2012

Instafriday....or Saturday!

I've decided to jump on the Instafriday bandwagon, but I'm obviously a little late, which I blame on being sick! So here are a few of my Instagram pictures from the week:)

On the way to my parents house, I love curling my hair these days!

I love taking pictures of Ben when he isn't paying attention, usually get a good smile out of him then!

Goofing around with Ben and my sister:)

 My necklace is by Allora Handmade, love it! Want one in so many colours!

So much alike!

We played some Trivial Pursuit, I lost... but it was fun!

Found these beauties at Chapters, they're book ends! They were on sale so they came home with me:)

Picked these up too- vintage magnetic bookmarks, love!

Starbucks is my happy place! I wanted to try a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, but my body doesn't like coffee any more, so my stomach wasn't thanking me 20 mins later. I guess I'll just add cinnamon to my hot chocolate.

Spotted this at Ikea, for a reasonable price, I love it! I'm thinking you could even change out the fabric for something different if you wanted.

Started feeling like "real" food again last night, so I made my favourite, margarita pizza! Mmmmm

I gush about Lisa Leonard's necklaces often, last night I was loving this one!

So there's my week in pictures, mostly from last weekend since I spend most of this week sick in bed- Happy Weekend!

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