Oct 10, 2010

My Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend

I love Thanksgiving.

I love turkey dinners, freshly baked pies, decorating pumpkins, fresh sunflowers, and the leaves changing from green into rich reds, oranges and yellows. Knowing that I get to spend this time with family is the icing on the already delicious cake.

Spending this weekend wanting to stay curled up under the covers due to a wicked cold was not what I planned. I don't normally get sick often, and when I do, I'm not the greatest patient. So staying in bed was not for me, I pushed through the need for sleep and went out to enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Saturday night found Ben and I driving for 5 hours in total so that we could cross the border into Watertown, NY. All because I wanted to go to Target- I've got a wonderful boyfriend!. It was a fun, spontaneous thing to do! Because we left so late in the day, (Ben had to!), we crossed this massive bridge before the border at sunset, overlooking the Thousand Islands. Just beyond this scene was the moon- the tiniest sliver that night, and it was beautiful. Had I been in my right mind, (and not on two different kinds of cold medicine), I would have taken a picture. It ended up being the best part of the trip in my opinion. Just take my word for it, it was stunning!

We didn't actually get to Watertown (and Target) until 7:40pm, meaning that all the other shops were closed. I know Ben did this whole trip because he felt bad that I was sick, and that he had to work this weekend- but seriously, he won super huge points in the boyfriend department! It might sound lame to some that I would even want to go to Target so badly, but I had never been, and it did not disappoint! We actually both quite liked it, and I found my new favourite sweater there. We only spent about a couple hours shopping, then got some subs for dinner. We were pretty bummed that Panera Bread was closed by the time we were done shopping, we don't have it here in Ottawa. I would love to go back for a day, and obviously spend time exploring all the other shops Watertown has to offer, but I couldn't have asked for a better night. By the time we were headed home though, I was feeling worse, so unfortunately for Ben I did spend most of the two and a half hour car ride home sleeping. We almost got detained at the border though, because evidently we had encountered a grumpy guard on a power trip, who lectured Ben on talking with his mouth full because he had just finished eating a piece of chocolate...I mean seriously??!! Ben apologized many times, but the guard threatened to keep us there to show us just how much "power" he did have. Up until now we've never had problems at the border, and this guy had a problem with everything Ben said, so it was just ridiculous! But we made it home safe and sound, if slightly late (around midnight), and I promptly crawled into bed and stayed there until noon on Sunday (mornings have been brutal with this cold).

So Sunday had Ben winning even more boyfriend points, because despite only sleeping two hours the night before (too much coffee for him on the trip), and having to go into work in the morning for a few hours, he brought me lunch, more cold medicine and cleaned our disastrous kitchen (seriously, it was bad)! When I finally did get out of bed, I had just enough time to get ready for his family dinner, so I primped more than usual (as in I curled my fine, always straight hair), even though that took and extra 20 minutes. My philosophy is- even if you feel crummy on the inside, why not feel pretty on the outside? So off to Stittsville we went (where I used to live), to pick up a pie and some bread for my family dinner on Monday, and to pick up my sister Laura, who would be joining us. Then back to Nepean to get Ben's sister Stacey, then out to Barrhaven for his family dinner.

And ... it... was... DELICIOUS!!!!

There was ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, rice, my favourite spring rolls (Ben's mother makes them), noodles with shrimp, gravy and more. Oh and desert was about four different kinds of cakes- which included cherry cheesecake, my all time favourite! Ben's family is Filipino, so their dinner parties are always big, loud, and involve endless food. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself! So might I add, did my sister, who was meeting most of Ben's extended family for the first time and hit it off pretty well- she left the party with a bag full of leftovers, which was quite funny since she was so excited about it! When I started to feel really sick again we left, and so Ben and I and our sisters came back to our apartment and watched Glee until it was time to take them home. (Translation, Laura and Stacey watched Glee, I took some Nyquil and passed out on my papasan chair, Ben was on his computer). 

Now it's Monday and I'm up before Ben and blogging because my cold woke me up, (though to be fair I slept for eleven hours!) After a bit more cleaning of our apartment, which is desperately needed, we will be heading out to Stittsville again for my family Thanksgiving dinner. There won't be as many people (just my parents, brother Taylor, Laura, Ben and I) but the food will still be delicious and the time spend together just as special. I'm grateful to be able to spend time with both families for the holidays, and for a wonderful boyfriend who takes care of me!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!

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