Jul 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

So I decided to join in on the "What I Wore Wednesday" bandwagon. I'm linking up with Lindsey (The creator of WIWW) over at The Pleated Poppy.

 Confession: I've actually been wanting to do this for awhile but felt too self- conscious, and had misplaced the remote for my DSLR. Thank goodness for IPhones! Taking a quick picture in the mirror is easy, and after posting a few to Instagram, I didn't feel so self-conscious anymore! I know it's supposed to be the outfits you wore from the past week, but I'm playing catch up- so here are a few outfits I wore over several weeks!

For my first outfit I'm wearing:

Dress: A shop in Soho NYC (Can't remember the name)

Long floral cardigan: Gift from Mom

Belt: Forever 21

Really really like the colours in this outfit!

Striped cardigan: Target

Top: Banana Republic outlet

Capris: Smart Set

Vintage Frames Necklace:  Lisa Leonard Designs

Long floral tank, vest, and dark blue leggings (not pictured):  Suzy Sheir

Necklace: Street fair in Greenwich Village NYC

Gold circle earrings: Forever 21

Light purple tank (under): Smart Set

Dark purple tank (over): American Eagle Outfitters (I've had this for years!)

New favourite skirt: Target

This was a good day! Off to a bridesmaid dress fitting, lunch at St. Hubert and went to see "Rock of Ages" (loved it!;)

Lace Top: Smart Set

Belt: Forever 21

Dark green capris: Suzy Sheir

Purple rosette necklace (hard to see): Allora Handmade

 A full outfit shot! (My sister took these for me:) We were on our way to her soccer tournament in Kingston for Father's Day, and then to dinner where I ran into some friends;)

Plaid shirt and lace tank underneath: Smart Set

Belt: Suzy Sheir

Shorts: Bluenotes

Sandals: Payless

Necklace: Gift from Ben from Montreal

Oh how I love my new skirt turned dress! It's been worn quite a few times since I bought it and gets lot's of compliments;)

Dress: Suzy Sheir

Belt: Chinatown, NYC

Necklace: Street fair in Greenwich Village, NYC

Lace crop top: Suzy Sheir

Dark blue tank: Smart Set

Skirt: Gift from Mom

Necklace: Street fair in Greenwich Village, NYC

Dinner double date with friends at Montana's:) The photo is black and white, as was the outfit, any one who knows me knows I have a thing for black and white!

T-shirt: Suzy Sheir

Skirt: Fairweather

Necklace: Street fair in Greenwich Village, NYC

These necklaces mean a lot to me. I wore them on Monday for Ben's birthday, the top one has his initial and the "Key to My Heart" necklace has our anniversary date.

Finally this is the full outfit I wore Monday

Striped top (borrowed from my sister): Suzy Sheir

New belt: Suzy Sheir

Striped tank underneath (not on purpose :o): Smart Set

Charcoal capris: Suzy Sheir

Few thoughts on this post: #1. I wear Lisa Leonard's necklaces a lot!! #2. I need to branch out a little from where I buy my clothing (having a sister that worked at Suzy Sheir meant I shopped there for the discount;) #3. Please, please excuse the mess in the background, I blame Ben;) #4. I need more full outfit shots if I can manage it! Finally, #5. I hope I can actually keep this going!

pleated poppy

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